Friday, November 30, 2012

Osbourne is 2!

My baby is getting too big!

Remember when he was born on Black Friday? In this family that was a pretty great omen.

Well, he is growing up and quickly.

His birthday was Monday, but because I work alllllllll afternoon and into the evening on Mondays we did most of his birthday celebrations on Sunday. He's two, he doesn't care.

We found gluten free Betty Crocker cake mix (it is awesome just so you know) so we made cupcakes.
This is my favorite face he make now. He makes it all the time. He also shouts, "HEY!" when he makes it and that is pretty funny.

We let him blow out his candles and then we all had cupcakes.

(Okay, well, nearly all of us. Buddy didn't want to eat his dinner and wanted cereal instead. Sam and I told him he could switch dinner but he couldn't have any cupcakes and Buddy decided he was fine with that plan. No fight at dinner and more cupcakes for us. Best part was the next day when he asked to have the leftovers for lunch so he could have a cupcake. He liked the leftovers too and I loved not fighting with him. WIN.)

There is my birthday boy.

I just love this kid. He is so funny and smart and perfect. He is a serious soul, but has that quirky sense of humor the rest of us have so we know he is ours. His head is very ovally and I am always in awe of how different all the boys' head shapes are. He still refused to say "mama". Whatever.

I love my little turkey baby who has the birthday right by mine. Happy Birthday Ozzers!

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