Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick health updates on the grown ups around here

I can't believe I forgot to do this! I'm sorry!

So, on my thyroid issue... well, I ended up getting more testing done and initially my results came back normal but the in depth testing returned a few days later and there were... concerns. After some discussion my ob sent me to an endocrinologist to sort it all out. They go me in immediately which was a relief. I was a little stressed about it particularly because I know thyroid problems can really mess with a baby but I was worried that medicating when it wasn't really needed could also hurt Cinco.

So, I saw the endo and... I'm fine! For now.  Sort of.

He suspects my thyroid will eventually become a problem but as for right now it is throwing a tantrum. He tested my levels again and the overall number is good but the in depth stuff is a bit off. We're on the same page and planning to avoid medications in the hope that this will all go away in a few months. I've decided to stay on the hopeful side with this. Of course, for now I have to have blood tests monthly until Cinco bursts forth (like that mental image? Me either, but I have to live it so deal). After Cinco arrives I have to continue testing a lot for the next year and then we'll see where we are at.

I can deal with that.

In other news I have only gained about 15lbs. Since I'm usually up 45lbs by now I am beyond thrilled.

Now, to Sambo.

Looks like we will be adding gluten to our list of forbidden foods. At least for now.

In the past month since Sam started eliminating gluten from his diet he has lost over 10lbs, has discovered that allergy medications DO work (and his allergies appear to be lessened big time), and he has had more energy. We haven't done any formal testing (and maybe we will or maybe we won't), but it seems like gluten is not Sam's friend.

Now that we're feeling like gluten is the issue I have been trying to find ways to bake gluten free. I'm struggling to be successful, but it is worth it.

Sam is going through what appears to be the detoxing phase so that isn't super fun, but we want his gut healed so he will feel even better.

We're not sure yet if we'll go 100% all family gluten free, but we are limiting gluten a lot around here. It actually seems to be affecting a few of the kids too so perhaps going gluten free would help everyone. We'll see.

In the meantime I'm looking at this as one more way to encourage us to keep eating the way we normally do. I was encouraged when I realized most of the meals I make are already gluten free. Breakfast has been a trick and my love of baking is an issue. But, this isn't really the huge change I was worried about. Yay for that!

So, there you have it. Hopefully in a few months I'll be reporting that my thyroid's hissy fit is over and Sam will be feeling amazing (and I'll be baking fantastic gluten free foods for him to chow on).

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