Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sam's Soul Crushing Facial Hair (2012 Edition)

I believe I've made it clear that I hate it when Sam grows facial hair.

I've just always thought he was too handsome to hide his face behind all that fur.

This is probably why he gets so much glee in growing that beard out year after year after year. He knows I'll groan daily about it and he can just laugh at me and revel in the fur.


This month he grew another monstrosity.

I think this is about a month of growth.
He calls it beautiful.
This is his "I feel pretty" pose.


This thing was sticking around until Christmas at least.

But then, it happened.

I was talking to him last night and I noticed something stringy hanging off his beard.

I asked him what it was, just assuming it was a bit of melted cheese because he had eaten something cheesy a little while before.

I was wrong.

Sam had been on a walk outside right before and in the cold his nose started to run a bit and, well, you see where this is going.

I was pretty grossed out.

He was even more grossed out.

Ten minutes later:

Oh, there's my handsome husband.
(He is smiling.)
His lazy eyed psycho face.
The picture I finally got of him laughing at me for saying something silly.

I am so happy he shaved.

I think we both are.

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