Friday, November 30, 2012

The Fifth Anniversary of my 29th Birthday

Getting old is fun.


I may joke about never aging past 29, but the truth is, the older I get the more I want to spend my time doing things that are just awesome and just forget about all the silly nonsense stuff I thought I had to do in the past.

My birthday was a prime example.

Like this entire year, I just wanted to keep it simple and celebrate it in the very best way possible.

So, I asked Sam and the kids to clean out the inside of Angelina Jolie so I wouldn't have to brave the freezing cold (it really is freezing to me) or have to bend over when that is just not my favorite thing to do right now for obvious reasons. Bless them, they did it that morning and I got to drive my clean van that day and I was so happy. Just what I wanted.

Then, I had to work in the afternoon on and off so I decided to make the best of it and I turned off the doorbell other than during piano and I hung out in the back of the house with Sam and the herd and did absolutely nothing other than be with them between piano lessons. I felt so relaxed and rested by the end of the day. It was wonderful.

It reminded me of how we never have visitors at the hospital when we have a baby. With Isabelle I left the hospital more exhausted than when I went in. It was awful. It wasn't quite as bad with Buddy, but still, I felt worse than I did before I had him. So with Xander and Oz we didn't let anyone visit in the hospital and I spent the entire time eating and resting and getting to know my new baby and I came home each time feeling amazing. (Yep, we'll be doing the same thing again of course. After Cinco I need the peace and quiet for a day.)

I realized the best birthday present I can give myself is time with my little herd doing nothing but enjoying a day together. I don't care about presents or cake (didn't have one and I'm good with that) or any of that. Just having a day and doing nearly nothing is present enough for me.

I think in past years I would feel obligated to do something or cater to others and all that, but I just don't feel that way anymore. Life is too short to always focus on pleasing everyone else, especially when that is just impossible to do anyhow. Sometimes we have to do something that makes us so very happy and not worry about all those other people. The ones who truly love us will always get it.

So, now I challenge you, favorite people. Next birthday, do what YOU know will make you happy. Throw a huge party for yourself or spend the day on a date with your spouse or watch tv in bed all day or buy your own present or whatever it is that makes you happy. Life is just too short to not take at least one day a year and do exactly what you want to do. Of course, please tell me all about it so I can enjoy hearing what you did to make yourself happy.

Seriously, I love getting older.

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  1. When I hit 30 I started to care less about what people thought about me. At 40 I started to care about what made me happy and what I thought about me. I find with age I grow as a person and my marriage gets better and I now have a teen daughter that I have a great relationship with. I stopped second guessing myself or asking for parenting advice. I am old and wise, at least thats what I like to believe about myself.