Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Many Children in a Family are Useful

Okay, now I'm seeing the awesome that is having a pile of kids.

They are (finally) big enough to work!

Please pardon all these pics off my cell phone. I'm kicking myself for not getting out my camera instead. Sigh.
They rakes up the leaves and then of course jumped in them.
After the jumping we started filling the wheelbarrow and dumping it in the truck so we could get rid of the mountain of leaves.
We had at least 3 truckloads!
Xander was the best leaf gatherer.
Sam and the kids raking.
Osbourne mostly drove through the leaves, but occasionally he would toss a leaf into the wheelbarrow.
More Xander gathering leaves. He was such a good helper.
When Ozzy got bored Isabelle took over monitoring him so I could help rake too.
Look at my guys doing the work! It was pretty awesome to see the boys work so hard with their dad.
I love this picture.

This may be one of my most favorite parenting moments yet. We got to teach the kids how to work together, we had fun and I swear I was laughing constantly.

We took a break after a bit and had some hot cocoa. Then, Buddy asked if he could finish working on some leaf piles. I was shocked but said yes and he went out and spent about a half hour filling the wheelbarrow and dumping it in our leaf pile.

The next day he and Xander went out and finished all the work. That was pretty awesome.

Yep, having a bunch of kids is going to rock. My yard will be beautiful! Can't wait until we can teach them how to paint and remodel interiors of homes...

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  1. It's so awesome when they're old enough that their "help" actually helps!