Saturday, December 22, 2012

Buddy and Belle's Piano Recital (Oh, and Mine too!)

Ah, recital time.

I love my piano recitals. My students do such a good job and it is fun to share with parents why they have amazing kids and listen to them play.
I also enjoy the cookies, won't lie.

My mom helps me every year because I think she knows if she doesn't I won't even think to find a table cloth. I'm pretty inept as such things. I held two recitals as usual because my student load would make one recital take forever. and honestly, I may go to three. I keep saying it, but I think I'm going to do it this spring. I know next year I will because I'm going to go back to my regular studio size which is 30-35 instead of the 25 I stuck with this year. Not being super sick will really help make that doable.
(Plus I feel bad turning down students. I love my students!)

Anyhow, we got ready for the fun pretty early in the day. My mom and Sam helped me get chairs set up, then Sam had to go back to work (of course he had to work! We had important things going on!).
My mom took the little boys to my house and Isabelle and Buddy stayed with me.

They each selected their own clothing. I have no power over that.
The obligatory posed pictures of the kids at the piano.

It went really good. I had Buddy go first because he was very very nervous and acting like a dingbat.

He did great and the fact that he counted EVERY NOTE OUT LOUD is actually very adorable in a recital setting.
Isabelle was fantastic. She had a challenging song and she really did a great job with it.

The recitals went great other than me fouling up the program a bit and certificates and all that good stuff. Sigh. Oh well, I think everyone was happy I made all the mistakes instead of the kids!

After recital we had the week off and that has been nice. I've been cleaning like crazy and also just sitting back and relaxing. I won't lie, while it has been nice, I am going to look forward to piano again.

Now I can look forward to spring recital.

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