Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Towerland 2012

So, this is Christmas.

Once again, another wonderful day.

Sam worked, but since he has worked at least some portion of nearly every Christmas since we moved to Rigby it was pretty much normal for us.

We finally got dumped on (with snow) on the 23rd and that made for lots of work for Sam. I think we say this every year, but people, slow down! It isn't powdered sugar out there!

Christmas Eve was nice. The kids spent most of it doing school (I really needed the day to pass quickly so school happened), frantically cleaning their rooms and the school room (because we can't have more stuff if we don't take care of what we already own) and watching "Elf".

Finally we all went to bed. Well, those of us who weren't on duty for the night. The kids were all asleep by about 9pm so Santa got to sneak in early. Santa was smart and did most of the prep work a month ago so it took about 2 minutes to set up. Sam was able to stop by for a few to construct the one item that did need to be put together, the present for the kittens. (Yes, we are lame that way. In my defense it was super cheap.)

After Santa was done everyone went to sleep.

I was awakened by maniacal laughter around 6:30 am. That was fun. I had warned the kids that waking me up before 7 would ensure certain doom and even before 8am wouldn't end pretty. Sam was out cold and had texted me that he wanted to sleep until at least 10:30 (yeah right) so I was in for a bit of a project with keeping kids form losing their minds.

We did okay. The herd honored my request (okay, knew I'd follow through on my threat) and they left me alone until 8am. Then we had our traditional cinnamon rolls. Then we came upstairs and cleaned bedrooms, got dressed, brushed teeth, played a board game, organized socks... did everything I could think of until none of us could bear it anymore. As Buddy put it, "I have never felt such torture than I feel right now waiting for Dad to wake up!"

It was rough.

So, come 10am I woke him up. I hated to do it, but I was pretty sure the herd was plotting a bloody coup and I wanted to survive the day. He got up and we got down to business.
Before the kids got to their presents.

The cat present. Ooh. Ahh.
It was awesome.
We had told each kid they only got 2 presents and then I got a little excited so I think they got 4 and they all nearly died.
We actually had to beg them to open more presents because they were satisfied with their two each.
Oz has a love of cars so Santa got him this mat to drive on with all his cars and he was in heaven.
Buddy got the Skylanders game (and Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve got him the Skylanders Giants game too, plus I found deals on some of the characters!) so he was pretty happy, as you can see.
Xander had really wanted a remote control helicopter so he was pretty stoked to get one!
Of course then when he found out he couldn't fly it indoors there was some weeping and wailing around here. Sigh.

I even got something nifty.
Hello, beautiful.
I got a replacement to my old camera and she is pink! I am so happy!
The kittens are pretty stoked about their toy.
Belle was pretty satisfied too. She got some music on the kindle, the lock box (for her girly hair and lotion stuff) and a locking diary (both from Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve) and a more adult bed set! She loves this bed set and I really do too!

Sam got a present he has asked for for two years.
For many years I have avoided getting him novelty t-shirts because he hates them. But, every so often he sees one he likes for whatever reason and I jump on it. The print was on a shirt from "Raising Hope" and Sam asked me to find it for him. Took a bit because only one place carries it and I was hoping for a sale, but one never came. So, I finally gave in and just got it for him and boy am I glad he did. He loves it and that says a lot because really, he hates novelty tee shirts.

We got a few other things here and there but for the most part we kept it really simple. Clean up took next to no time, the kids have been happily playing for hours and I am going to take a nap perhaps.

Now, I realize this is just a Christmas gift recap and doesn't cover the real reason for the season. I may or may not blog our stories on that. We had some amazing moments this season that made us all remember the point of Christmas, but I'm not sure if we want to share them. We'll see. I will say I really have a better understanding of the Christmas Spirit now too and I am grateful for kids who really get what it is all about.

Hope your holiday was good. Now, about that nap...

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  1. Hope you got a good nap! I love seeing what others got.

    I am loving my Kindle fire that you assured me I would. Waiting till Christmas to use it was torture!