Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012,

Dear 2012,

I felt like you were such a big year for me that I needed to write a special letter to you.

In every way you were memorable, but I feel that tonight you summed it up perfectly with one last parting shot.

As is my nearly nightly tradition, I get out my beloved epsom salts for a soak in the tub. It soothes my angry sciatic nerves and every other joint that is just so cranky right now because of all the extra weight it is packing around. It also helps ease my headache and calms me down for bedtime. As per usual, my favorite two year old just has to climb in and share the tub. No worries, Oz is a fun bath buddy as he always brings in a toy car for me to play with too. We have a blast.

To celebrate the end of this long year I add some special bath fizzies and other goodies to make my bath the best smelling, most relaxing ever. Even Oz approves as he yawns and yawns while he sleepily drives his Hotwheel all over the faucet.

Of course, 2012, that is when you remind me I have a few more hours to go before 2013 takes over.

Suddenly, Ozzy looks at me very alarmed and says, "uh oh."

Then, he poops in the tub. A lot.

Mayhem ensues.

I yell for Isabelle to grab Oz and set him on the toilet to finish pooping while I try to dodge the, um, floaties. He is scared of the toilet so he poops all around it, under it and on it, but not in it. I nearly kill myself climbing out of the tub and I am pretty sure I wrenched my back pretty badly. Plus, all my wonderful smelling bath fizzies... down the drain. Oh, so literally.

I'm sore, probably a little poopy and annoyed because now things need to be cleaned when I want to be doing anything but cleaning. 

Well played, 2012.

Don't let the door hit your hiney on the way out.

Most Sincerely,


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