Saturday, December 22, 2012

Isabelle's Christmas Clogging Recital 2012

Yes, this is the only half decent picture I got.
I hate my camera.

So, Sister has been doing clogging again this year. Her very best friend Bethany does it too and they love their clogging class.

Belle practices clogging all over the place too. She clogs during school, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in line at the store... all the time. Sam wants to make her a floor board thingy so she can practice on it with her shoes. But, then he has to decide where he wants to put such a thing as clogging is much like drums... loud.

Anyhow, her recital was great. Sam was on duty (of course, when doesn't one of us have to work lately?) but he was able to stick his head in to see her dance. We were grateful for that. My mom came too and that was nice because she helped with the boys while we watched the dancers. Ozzy was REALLY into it. He watched and pointed and made all sorts of noises that I probably words and clapped the entire time. It was adorable.

Overall, a great recital. I just can't say great enough things about Isabelle's clogging studio. In Step is absolutely awesome. We just love it.

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