Saturday, December 22, 2012

Midnight Cravings

I've been really happy this pregnancy because I don't often just HAVE to eat something and when I do have a craving it is usually something at least somewhat healthy.

The worst offender has been popcorn with butter and salt that I make in my air popper. That stuff is better (and cheaper) than any fast food out there.

But, the other night I woke up and I was just starving and I had to eat a full meal right then.
So, I got out our griddle and made eggs and bread (that is gluten free bread I made and it was awesome toasted).

Totally hit the spot.

Best part is I still haven't gained my usually 50-60lbs. I think I'm hovering around 20-25 tops which is fantastic for me. I really haven't watched what I have been eating, I just haven't wanted to eat junk for the most part. Wooooo!

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