Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution 2013: Strength

**For my review of 2012's resolution, click here. Enjoy my fabulous crash and burn that was 2012.**

Here we are.

December 31st.  I just put the herd to bed and now l'll probably pretend I'm going to stay up, but really, I'm going to read a book until I fall asleep as soon as I know all the kids are out. Of course, I'll have fallen asleep too early so come 3am I'll be back to reading my book in the hopes it knocks me out again. 

Of course, I could do something more constructive... or insane. 

I look back at New Years Eve 2008 when I was hopped up on way too much Mountain Dew and I decided that I could not only host an International Babywearing Conference, but I could do it in my tiny little podunk town with hardly any money, a tiny support team and zero experience organizing much of anything. 

That was about the time I learned to lay off the Dew and try caffeine sobriety when making big life choices.

Of course, that life choice turned out to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life that I will cherish forever. So, there is that.

I think of all the New Years Eves since then and the choices I've made to change my little corner of the world in some way or another. I can't actually say if I have succeeded or not, but I do know I've changed myself for the better and that is a great sized corner for me.

I've been looking back on 2012 and I realize it has been telling me what my resolution for 2013 is from the very beginning. I'm really excited about it. This is good. It will be hard, but I can do it.

I'm feeling a little sassy tonight, so I found some quotes for you to read to give you clues as to my theme for 2013. Please do enjoy:    

We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up ... discovering we have the strength to stare it down.

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, You Learn by Living

That which does not kill me makes me stronger.

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Twilight of the Idols
Never be afraid to expose a weakness in yourself. Exposing a weakness is the beginning of strength.

ROBERT ANTHONY, Beyond Positive Thinking

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be weak in order to grow stronger.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Did you guess?

I'm betting you did, but just in case, the 2013 theme/resolution/whatever you want to call it is:
I'm going to be stronger this year. 
This is the year I will run a 5k. I won't win and I may even walk some of it if I feel wussy, but I'm going to do it. 
This is the year I will take a dance class or play a sport again, at least once. It has been too long and I miss athletics. What I'd really like to do is a ballroom class with Sam, but we'll see if that will work out. 
This is the year I play catch more with the kids in the backyard and our family takes all of our rackets out for more tennis. We did this a bit this summer, but this year... more. We're going to play harder together and keep each other in shape. 
This is the year I take frugality to the next level for our family. I have no idea how I'm going to do that, but I'm asking God to point me in a direction and when he does, I'll be ready.
This is the year I, no, WE (as in Sam and I and the kids to a degree) reassess our preparedness and find ways we can improve on our food storage, know better how to handle major and minor crisis and help others learn how to do those things too.
This is the year our family becomes even more disciplined when it comes to saving money. We have big dreams, dreams of land with horses, cows and a goat or two on it. We can't ever make that dream come true if we don't become amazing at saving. We're going to learn to find ways to play the long game and win it instead of getting caught up in that silly short game. The prize is way better further down the road.
This is the year we will find a way to give more to those around us in need. We won't just do this during the holidays, we will do this whenever we feel we should and we will be happy to give of ourselves for others.
This is the year I'm going to embrace my many flaws and accept myself as an imperfect but still awesome person. I'm going to remember to do the same for those who cross my path so they always have someone on their side.
This is the year I'm going to tackle a few flaws, a few weak spots and, with a lot of help from the Man Upstairs I'm going to turn them into strengths. 
This is the year I'm going to just STOP trying to fix everything in the world, STOP trying to always "win" and just be happy to be on this ride. I'm going to enjoy these moments with the herd and with Sammeriffic because they are going by too fast. 
This year I will NOT beat myself up when I'm not strong. I'll know there is nothing wrong with asking for some help and with being more gentle on myself so I can be stronger when it counts.
This year I will remember to NEVER GIVE A RIP about keeping up with anyone. I'm not competing against anyone and if I try I will surely lose. I'm in a race with myself and whenever I get to where I'm going, I will be right on time.

This year I will have a baby and it will be awesome. I will not plan out how it is going to go, I'm just going to roll with the contractions, maybe use some drugs, maybe not, eat food Sambo sneaks in for me and laugh a lot because I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. This caboose is going to be the best beginning of the next phase of our lives and I cannot wait to meet the little hooligan.

As one of my heroines said,“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
Yep, that was Helen Keller.

Have a wonderful year. 2013, you can't come soon enough!

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