Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sno Expo in Idaho Falls 2012

For those who don't know, I grew up in a snowmobile family.

We were pretty die hard about it. I mean, if you mentioned skiing, it was just blasphemy.
My dad works for a publishing company that makes a lot of snowmobile magazines and he used to race machines too. If there was snow somewhere, he was there. We were often there too. 
We were sledheads, the end.

Then I grew up.

Between kids and work and time, I haven't snowmobiled in many years.

Now that I have Raynauds I'm really okay with that.

But, I have wanted to expose the herd to the fun that is snowmobiling.

So, when my dad invited us to the Sno Expo yesterday, we jumped on it.
It was a nice show for the first year, really impressive.

We got pictures with Santa on a REAL sled (hee hee) and when I get those I'll post them.

We also met Miss Idaho Falls.
We got autographs and everything!
The kids were pretty impressed with all the sleds and Xander in particular was really excited when he saw the kid size machine. I love this pic. I suspect Xander will be really into snowmaching if he has half a chance.
My dad was busy the entire time but he caught us toward the end and hauled the kids around, introduced them to people and spoiled them. This is a crappy picture I got just to show how much smaller that kid machine is.

Overall, the kids had a lot of fun and I think we have a new yearly tradition. Yay!

I also think my dad owes a few grandkids some rides on a sled very very soon.

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