Sunday, December 2, 2012

Towerland Christmas Tree 2012

So, we usually put up the tree on Thanksgiving.
We eat our food, my parents head home and Sam looks longingly at the couch. Of course, right then I always (ALWAYS) bounce up to him and ask him to get the tree so we can decorate. He tries to get out of it and I do my lip quiver and sad voice and the three goes up immediately.
Love it.

Well, this year Sam was able to thwart my diabolical plan with a much MORE diabolical plan.

You see, he has hated our beautiful, enormous Christmas Tree ever since I bought it 10 years ago (on a great sale, mind you). It takes him forever to put together and he just gets so frustrated with that full hour of following directions to figure out what branch goes where.

I'll admit, it was a complicated tree. But, it was beautiful.

This past summer Sam was cleaning out the shops and asked me what needed to go. Being a fool (and forgetting about all the times I've burned Sam with this type of situation) I told him to just throw away whatever he thought was cluttering our lives because I wouldn't notice anyhow. I say this to the packrat of our house thinking nothing special will be thrown out.

So. Wrong.

Sam took this gift horse and used it to haul our Christmas tree to the dump! Nooooooooo! Of course, he claims he told me, but if he did I was in a coma or eating something really good because I don't remember it at all.

Either way, when I say to him this past week, "Hey, we need to get the tree ready for Thanksgiving," he (ever so nonchalantly) replies, "We don't have a tree anymore, babe. I threw it out. You said I could."

And THIS is why you listen when your husband is talking or you at least realize he'll be smart enough to figure out when you aren't paying attention and he'll get you good at that moment.


So, we were in a bit of a pickle.

I decided to ignore the issue for a week and see what happened. Sam decided to get his Thanksgiving nap. (Don't worry, I'll get even.)

Well, a few days ago my buddy Kara texted me asking if anyone wanted a 5 1/2 foot Christmas tree she was giving away. Yay! I of course begged for it and she brought it by this week.

We spent the other day with the herd putting it up.

Crappy picture, but so you can see the size of the tree compared to our basement. I'll admit, this tree is much more manageable.

Oh, and see my new read vacuum? It was super cheap during Black Friday and I needed a vacuum the littlest of kids could use in their bedroom so I got it. It is small and probably won't last more than a few years, but the kids can use it and that makes my life easier, so win.

We got out the yearly nativity sets and the kids played happily with that. Instead of putting it up where they can't reach, we decided to leave them down this year. I'd rather let them enjoy these sets since they aren't breakable anyhow.
Of course, this is an awkward moment for these families, I mean, who is the real baby Jesus here?

Once Sam put up the lights and the tinsel, we got into the ornaments.
Oz was so excited for this. I think this year was his first year of really getting the fun of putting the ornaments on the tree. He mostly grabbed them and hung them the same branch until that branch fell down, but it was still pretty cute.
The kids made these ornaments with my mom over Thanksgiving break. They had the best time doing it and I'm glad she wanted to do the art project with them. There was glitter everywhere (and we all know that glitter is the herpes of the craft universe).

Ozzy found ALL the police ornaments and made a show of showing us.

This is when we realized we needed to put some more nails up for stockings. Ah, the joys of a growing family!
All of our stockings. We need to gussy up a few of them for Xander, Ozzy and Cinco, but it will be easy peasy.
As always, the littlest puts the start on the tree. Love this part.

 Sam and the herd with our beautiful tree. Love it.
This one is blurry, but Oz was smiling for once and Sam was hitting on the tree or something so I had to include it.

There were a few things I couldn't get a picture of but that are part of our yearly tradition that makes me happy:

Sam always lights a holiday candle before we start so it just smells all Christmasy while we work.

He also gets out the Christmas music and turns it up so we can all groove.

This year he pulled me in for a dance and that was just so nice. I'm a terrible dancer (I always have an inner battle with myself over trying to lead instead of letting the far better dancer between us take that role so I stomp on Sam's feet the entire time), but I love it when Sam dances with me and he nearly always dances with me when we put the tree up.

After the tree was all done we come upstairs and have cups of hot cocoa. The kids are always so happy and it is nice to sit and sip cocoa while we talk about Christmas.

These are all my favorite moments around here.

Now, I just need to put all the presents under the tree. I got all the shopping done Thanksgiving week (thank you online deals, you made our holiday amazing AND cheap) and I keep our gift boxes every year so I'll be recycling them yet again. I'm loving the smaller tree because it will make it look even more loaded with gifts to the kids and since we decided to downsize our gift giving this year, that is a good thing!

Well, there it is, the tree is up and we are all very happy about it. Thank you again, Kara! You helped make our holiday!

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