Saturday, December 22, 2012

Xander's Fifth Birthday!

Mr. X turned 5 this week!

This was a huge deal around here, if only because we have been counting down to his birthday since, oh, JULY.

Also, the fact that we were leaving the FEARSOME FOURS and entering what I hope will be the Fabulous Fives was a big deal. As you recall, four is the age the kids take me to Crazytown on a regular basis so I just try to keep my head down and survive it as much as possible.

Anyhow, we were all very excited.

Sam and I had already let Xander to to the store with his birthday $20 and pick his present (Legos of course) so he didn't have a gift from us to open, but my parents had dropped by his present so we opened that up.
We are all very excited! It was a Hotwheels motorcycle and everyone was impressed, especially Ozzy...
who promptly tackled his brother and wrestled it away from him.

(See Buddy's hands reaching in for the rest of his present? Sigh.)

Poor Xander. He was crying and crying and Ozzy was running around all victorious and whatnot.
Then Sam took away the toy and gave it to Xander and that kid took off running to his room and shut himself in with the present. Then Oz threw the most spectacular tantrum in all the land.

We pretty much spent the day repeating that cycle. Argh.

Later that night we made cake (thank you Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix) and sang and had a good time. It was pretty much an awesome birthday for Xander, other than having to fight Thunderdome style for his presents. Boys are fun.

I really love my Mr. X and I hate that he is growing up. He is the sweetest boy. He likes to be a clown around here but he has such a kind heart and he really thinks of others all the time. He can also burp at will and he proves that often. He loves his stuffed animal, Bronco. He also loves his Daddy snuggles and he sneaks down at night frequently to climb into bed with us. He's my little Charlie Brown faced  blondie boy and who I just love. Even if he insists on growing up on me.

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