Saturday, December 22, 2012

Xander's Preschool Christmas Program

Tis the season for lots of programs!

(Just wait, we have a few we did this month.)

So, this was Xander's big program. He practiced and practiced his songs and his line and he was so excited for us to see him perform.
He got really nervous that day and I was worried for a bit that he wouldn't do it, but he wanted to even though he was nervous so off we went.
Xander before the program.
Ozzy. Methinks he may be the only child to not have blue eyes. Hmmmm.
Miss Isabelle. She does her own hair now all the time. Just as well, I am very lazy about hairstyling.
Xander, Buddy and Daddy.
This is the one and only good picture I got of the program and this picture isn't all that great. Sigh. Seriously, my camera hates me as much as I hate it.

So, the program was great. My parents came which was exciting for Xander. Sadly, I had to work so I missed the last 10 minutes of the program. But, it was seriously just a great little program. I took Ozzy with me so Sam didn't have to mind him. Buddy was in heaven the entire time because his best friend from when he was in preschool was there and he and Lane sat together the entire time. I love that my kids have good friends like that.
Sam got me the pictures of the kids with Santa that I begged for. Yay!

It really was a great night and I wish I had been there for all of it, but I'm glad I was there for some of it.

Xander is growing up way too fast.

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