Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crappy Croup

This is what we look like at 1:30am.

Xander got sick last night. He started sounding hoarse around dinner time and my little ears perked up because I knew that could be a problem for us.

You see, since this kid was a baby, he has always been the kid to get croup and just suffer. I joke a lot that he has the worst luck in the family. Honestly, All the kids could be standing outside in a lightening storm and I know the only one in real danger is Xander. Poor boy.

Well, around midnight he started barking like a seal so we braced ourselves and it got worse rapidly, to the point that he was struggling to breathe at all. Sam made the executive decision to take him to the 24 hour urgent care place in IF so I stayed home and waited while they went in.

Those are my awesome socks on Xander. I had rubbed a cold and croup thingy on his feet hoping it would help and he wanted my socks. Right on.

The cold air in the car helped and he sounded better when they got to the care place, but we know our kid and night two of croup is the scary one for us, so they treated him with steroids, got a prescription ready in case tonight is bad and sent Sam and X home around 3am.

X slept okay and today he has been acting like nothing is wrong, but the sun is setting and I hear that raspiness in his voice... hoping it won't be too bad of a night for him.

Poor Xander, this is not his week.

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