Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Oh, Xander.
Xander, Xander, Xander.

Remember all the times I've told you that this kid has the worst luck?
It struck yet again.

Check out the poor kid's new look: We call it Hive-a-licious.
These hives are a good forty five minutes after a dose of Benadryl so they are not as amazing as they were. But, I think you can still see them.
Honestly, this poor kid.

We've been watching him closely for some time now. He developed a stuffy/runny nose in early December and it hasn't been a big thing, but a constant. About two weeks ago Sam and I started wondering if he was having a mild allergic reaction to the cats, but we really didn't want it to be true.

Then the hives started. We weren't sure if they were cat caused, but the other night he walked over to pick up a cat and hug her and less than an hour later, the side of his body that held the cat was just covered in hives and it was spreading fast.

This morning the same thing happened. He didn't have a shirt on (because men don't wear shirts apparently) and he picked up a cat to hug and within 20 minutes his chest and neck were all hive.

Sam dosed him with Benadryl again, took him to school (bless his teacher, I told her the situation and she kept a close eye on him) and we cleaned and cleaned the house while he was gone. The cats have been kicked outside (I actually started booting them outside last week during the day to see how Xander would react and to keep their mousing skills honed so they know outside) and the cats won't be coming back in until we KNOW they aren't the cause.

I have been washing everything in the house all day today and Sam vacuumed everything he could think of while Belle and Buddy cleaned and cleaned. We mopped every surface (some a few times over when people walked through our beautiful clean floor, moan) and we scrubbed anything we thought the cats could contaminate. Of course, Xander found a chair the cats sat in that we hadn't cleaned yet, climbed into it, again, without a shirt and he was hived out in minutes. Argh!

It has been a good thing that I didn't let the cats wander the house much so we don't have too much to clean. It has mostly been the school room and the bathroom. But, we're still cleaning everything.

Sam and I are pretty worried about this. We don't want to be wrong and have Xander get worse. I called our doctor office today and we will be taking X in for an allergy test to make sure we are correct. These hives are so itchy for him and I hate seeing him covered in them. We're really hoping we're on the right road because we can't think of anything else that could be causing this.

So, looks like we need to give up on the pet thing for, I don't know, ever. Maybe we'll get chickens outside one day (if our city ever decides to fix their bylaws, sigh). Maybe if we ever find our dream farm we can have lots of outside cats. But, for now we need everyone to be healthy.

So, for now, we de-cat-taminate.

Cross your fingers that Xander is done with the hives after today. Poor boy.

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