Monday, January 14, 2013

I Married a Genius

His words.
However, after this weekend I am inclined to agree with him.

So, we've had a few key items break down in the house.

First, one of the kids (I shall not name which one because I need them all to keep helping me) got a little overzealous in pulling laundry out of the washer a month or so back and they somehow managed to rip the boot seal on the washer. This caused a tiny matter of water leaking out when a smaller load runs. Not the funnest.

Then, we were putting Oz in Angelina Jolie the minivan and we could not get the side door of the van to unlock and open. Turns out the mechanism inside had frozen and locked up. Fabulous.

Finally, I had a mountain of emails to answer the other night and I went to get on the laptop. I turn it on screen. No matter what I did I could not get the screen to work. Yep, I had a teeny tiny mental breakdown.

Couple all this with the fact that I have realized I need to get oh, about 30 things done before Cinco gets here and I don't have quite that many weeks to do it in and I've reached a bit of a panicky place. Not fun.

I was freaking out just a hair. To put it mildly.

Enter, my knight in shining armor.

(You know that Enrique Inglesias song "Hero". It should be playing in your head right now. Dang, I love that song. Especially when Sam sings it as he saunters off to do something nice for me. It is one of the more adorable things in the world. Only a giant mole on his face would make it better.)

First, he went after my washer.
The man took a chunk of a silicone cell phone cover and used some epoxy or something and glued it all to the ripped part. He let it sit for a day or so then had me wash some clothes in it to test it out. Perfection.

After that he went upstairs and grabbed a monitor from our dino-puter and plugged it into my laptop. Now I can type this blog post and actually see what I'm typing. Genius.

Finally, he spent all of today (and it was so cold, high of 1 degree) using this cool kit he got at some cop training where he learned how to take panels off cars to find drugs to take the panel off that broken door, got the part  out that wasn't working anymore, did NOT find any drugs in the panel (whew?), went to the auto place to get the new part and when that new part  was too expensive there he went to the salvage yard and got the part there for HALF the price (that is why we are married right there, people) and then, in the dark he finished installing the door part, put the panel back on and, check it out, the door  is working perfectly!
(I was going to take pictures, but this was apparently a messy project and I get a little wigged out when my car is that messy so Sam advised me to forgo those pictures. Another reason we are married.)

For the record, replacing the boot seal would have been about $150 plus labor, a new computer is... a ton and having someone else fix the door would have been $200-300.

Not only did he do all that work and make me happy, but he saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Yep, he is right. I did marry a genius.

Now I'd better get off the computer and thank the man properly.

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