Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So, it has been a rough few days.
Nothing life altering, just frustrating.

Take today.
I had an important call I needed to be on. I needed to be speaking as a board member for IDVA and I was a little nervous, but since other board members would be on the call I figured I'd be okay.

I prepped the kids so they would behave through the call.
Yeah, that didn't work out.

You see, I had to hobble up the stairs this morning (don't worry, we'll get to that) to put away the boys clothes that I had washed and folded.

The boys have some chores they need to do every day and one is that they need to fold and put away any clothes they get out that aren't dirty and if the clothes are dirty they need to put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Not hard in theory but apparently in practice this is an impossible dream on my part.

I was already in a funk. I was struggling to walk (promise, we'll get there), my newest and neatest sinus infection was making me crazy and I was fretting a bit over this upcoming call. Anyhow, I open the drawers to put away the clean clothes and... wow.

All the clothes and toys and books the boys didn't want to put away were jammed into their drawer. It was such a mess.

So, I quietly sat down, emptied out the drawer and put the clean laundry in. Oh, I was sobbing hysterically the entire time.

I know, in the grand scheme of these it isn't a big deal, but sometimes giant draws full of junk just really make me sad. Plus, I really needed to prepare for that call and get some chores done and instead of doing that I spent a half hour putting all the stuff away. I was so frustrated.

By the time I was done I had to get on my call. Well, I called and called and called and no one would answer so I could join in. I got a little stressed. I didn't want to be a flake! So, I found the head of the school's cell and she told me they were running behind with this person I would be speaking to and she would call me.

No big. Really, I was fine with that.

Of course, when she did call ALL THE KIDS IN THE HOUSE decided that was the moment to scream and cry right where I was. I was watching a friend's baby and even she joined in on the action. It was so loud. Of course, in my head this was no big deal because the other board members could answer most of the questions and I could mute the phone.


Turns out the other members couldn't be there so I was on my own.

I was totally flustered. I stumbled through the questions and at one point it got so loud that I lost my train of thought and had to ask what we were talking about. I forgot the interviewer's name and organization (score), I mean, I did a terrible job. Seriously,  total belly flop. Kersplat. I wanted to cry when that call finally ended.

So, I did. Boy, did I cry.

Sam chose that moment to come home and have lunch. Of course, there was no lunch and a very hysterical wife in his kitchen instead. I'm sure that thrilled him. Bless his heart, he told me I probably didn't suck as much as I thought and only made fun of me a little. Eventually I calmed down, mostly because I had piano lessons coming.

So, I got through part of my piano, got a few kids to take a nap and decided to bake my cares away. I made a fabulous recipe I'll share sometime soon. That helped the day.

What made it even better is when my trendy new accessory arrived today. Check it out:

Yep, I am the proud owner of a pink cane! Only mine has a black handle.

Why, you ask?

Maybe because I needed a stick to beat people with and this made sense.

Maybe I wanted to be more like Dr House.

Or, maybe because Cinco has decided to hang out in such a position that my left side is either numb from the hip down so I can't quite tell if my leg is moving along with the rest of me or I am in so much pain with every step that I can barely move. Either extreme makes for some precarious balance issues.

I know there isn't much that could be done besides going to a chiropractor and even then the only real fix is going to be getting that darn baby off my spine. I had been despairing a bit the last few days over how much I'm struggling just to cook dinner or get the laundry out of the washer and dryer and I kept thinking I needed some neat gadget that would help me walk and, BAM! Cane. Perfection. So I found a cheap cane on Amazon and I overnighted it to Towerland.

I'll tell you what, stairs are way easier with a cane.

So, to sum up:

1. I hate sinus infections
2. Drawers full of junk make me cry.
3. I need a safe room to hide in whenever I have important calls and possibly a teleprompter.
4. I look really cool with a cane.

I'm looking forward to bedtime in a second here. Mama needs an early bedtime.

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