Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kindles and Back Carries

I've made it pretty clear that I love my Precious Kindle Fire.

It was one of those rare moments when I indulged in a present for myself right when it came out and I haven't regretted it for a single second. In fact, I love that thing so much that we got one for Sam, one for the kids and now another for the kids (so Belle has one to herself now).

Our deal is as the kids are able to read chapter books they will get their own kindle to read on and all the other fun stuff they can do on it. We keep finding new uses for our Kindles and they are in daily use at our house.

Here is a day during school when we were using kindles:
Buddy was doing math in his book so no kindle for him (he lived), Xander is watching a PBS show, Xander is playing a word making game and Belle had headphones plugged into her kindle so she was listening to music while doing her composition assignment. It was awesome.
Later on that day Belle taught Ozzy how to play Angry Birds on the kindle. It was hilarious to hear him do his evil chuckle every time he knocked over a piggy.

Honestly, I adore our kindles.

Another thing I think I've mentioned a time or two is how much I love having kids who are growing up and are able to help more. I was on a Bountiful Baskets call the other day and I couldn't really pay attention to Ozzy, so Belle decided to take matters into her own hands. Well, actually, onto her back.
The girl pulled out my mei tai and figured out how to do a back carry all by herself. No help from me.
(Yes, babywearing purists, it isn't the tightest carry and there are all sorts of things to pick apart, but here's the deal, she did it herself and that is awesome and the second time she did it she tightened it up a lot and figured a few more things out. In my opinion, the best babywearers are the ones who learn as they go and she is heading down a great road.)
These kids are the best monsters ever.

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  1. Erin @ OneParticular KitchenJanuary 7, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    Belle is made of awesomesauce. I love it!