Monday, January 14, 2013

Normal Idaho Winter

It has been a bit chilly lately here in Idaho.

You know, like -15 chilly.

No big deal, it actually feels like winter this year instead of how it has felt the last few winters.
We've had some fun shoveling the driveway to surprise Dad!

(Of course, by we, I mean Belle and Buddy of course.)

The rest of us do this: Sit on a heat vent and eat cookies while the big kids work.
Have I ever mentioned that Raynaud's Disease is sometimes awesome?

Oh, and for your viewing enjoyment, me in a horrible black outfit (those are gaucho pants with long socks and tennis shoes, super trendy. Yes, this is a comfortable outfit right now. All my pants hate me so I decided to look so frumpy but be so comfy.) and my pink cane!

Love the cane. But, I'm trying to not use it. I've discovered that while it is fun to joke about it on the interwebs and it makes me unafraid to walk outside or up stairs and really helps, I don't like explaining what is wrong with me to every person I run into. Just too much attention in person. Don't like it. So, I've been using it around the house and when I'm going somewhere that I am certain I won't know a soul at but the rest of the time I'm just hobbling through. Not ideal, but I'm super pregnant and crazy so I can do what I want.

I've been told by several people that I look really bloated and bad right now. If any of you agree, please, just don't tell me. I know I'm puffy, but I don't want to be reminded. Lets all just pretend I look adorable, mmmmmkay?

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