Monday, January 28, 2013

Osbourne Vs. The Hernia: Part One

I know I say this often, but that is because it is true around here.

Live is always an adventure.

This time poor Osbourne is at the center of the adventure.

So, earlier last week we had the cat allergy issue with Xander. While that was going on Buddy and Belle started getting a bit of a cold. Buddy lost his voice, but felt fine through it. Xander had a cold for about a day in the middle of the week and Oz came down with the cold late Thursday.

Not fun.

By Friday he had developed that barking croup cough that Xander is famous for. I think this was Ozzy's first croup and it was not fun. We were up nearly the entire night with him and he wasn't struggling to breathe as much as moaning and fussing. Kind of odd.

Saturday afternoon he hadn't improved much and was getting more agitated so I ran him to the urgent care in Rigby. They could hear him from the waiting room and they gave him a shot of steroids for his croup immediately. Within hours you could hear that barking disappear (however, the cough itself was still there).

I thought Saturday night would be much better than Friday and we would get more than 2 hours of sleep. I was very wrong.

He cried and moaned and was miserable all night long. It was very strange and I'll admit, I wasn't the most patient mother through it all. When your baby only sleeps 20 minutes then wakes up screaming you get cranky fast. Sam was working night shifts so he couldn't help me much either. But, somehow, we got through the night.

Sunday was hard for Oz. He wanted to be held at all times and was very sad all day. He didn't want to eat or drink at all. We skipped church to care for the shortie (and my friend Lynne subbed the Sunday School class I was supposed to be subbing, bless her), but he was just not improving. If anything, he seemed to be more and more agitated.

Sam had to go to work so I was on my own for the night. Around dinner time I went to change his diaper and noticed he has some really weird looking swelling going on in his, um, boy region. This is not my area of expertise so I called Sam and asked him to come look at it. He came home, took one look and said, "Oh, Babe, that's a hernia."

What now?

Yep, a hernia. Big old inguinal hernia. And it was hurting Oz something fierce.

We got on the phone with our dr office and the doc on call urged us to go to the ER.

Of course, I had to go alone because Sam was working and didn't have anyone to cover because it is a little short staffed here right now so my parents came to watch the kids and away I flew.

Only I crawled because it was a huge snowstorm outside and the roads were awful.

The ER experience suuuuuuucked.

I'll give you some highlights:

I had a baby obviously in a lot of pain, however, there were cute girls with twisted ankles and whatnot that came in after me so Oz and I sat and waited for someone (anyone) to see us while twisted ankles had caring male nurses readjusting their air cast several times, x-rays brought to them, several different doctors and juice for everyone! I couldn't even get someone to slow down for a glass of water.

At one point I had to use the bathroom so bad and the nurse I asked for directions to the potty was wanting me to hold it. So I said, "I'm pregnant," and this was a total surprise to the nurse. Really? (If I just look fat and not pregnant I may cry, but I'll do that on my time, this is Ozzy's story.)

When I finally see a doctor he was so condescending. I was having some really strong Braxton Hicks contractions and I was trying to be mellow, but those things hurt, especially when you have to stand and hold a hysterical toddler who is in pain and terrified. This doctor was a bit of a jerk about it and very unsympathetic to Oz's fear and pain. He checked him over briefly, made noncommittal noises and said he's talk to a urologist or surgeon and then took off to visit with people for nearly an hour.

After that doctor left I called Sam. I was so frustrated. No one was taking Oz's pain seriously. I mean, when I asked the doctor for something for Oz's pain he said, "it is just a cold, he isn't hurting that much." Um, what? Yes he is! I was so upset.

Of course, Sam was stuck at work and he was frustrated. But, right then, our friend Caleb (who had already worked 12 hours that day) showed back up and sent Sam out the door and straight to me, bless him.

So, Sam starts driving, still in uniform, to the ER. He had to stop a few times to check on people who had driven off the road so he was slow, but even then, he arrived nearly before that doctor got back to me!

The doctor comes back and tells me he isn't sure what it is but we should just go home and wait a few weeks and see if it gets worse or not and maybe call a doctor. I'm getting mad. My baby hurts, we've been there about 3 hours with only about 5 minutes of face time from people and he is telling me we should suck it up and go home?
I request an ultrasound to confirm what the mass is.
This is an insult to this doctor apparently. He said, "Miss, I am a doctor and my diagnosis is as good, or better than an ultrasound. I have never been wrong in a diagnosis. Are you telling me I'm wrong now?"

At this moment I realize I'm going to have to murder this guy with my bare hands and find a place to stash his body. I'm contemplating how to do this when Sam walks in. I have never been so happy to see Sammy in my life. (If this doctor knew how close to death he had been, he would have kissed Sam's snow covered boots.)

I look at Sam and just say, "I'm done, you get to take over."

Then I sit down and close my eyes and try to find my happy place so I don't strangle anyone.

This doctor tells Sam the same blah blah and Sam requests an ultrasound. Suddenly this sounds like a viable option. But, he still hems and haws, so Sam semi-patiently suggests they do an exam together. Sam leads and shows him the hernia, explains how they can reduce in size at times and tells him about how he had a hernia at around the same age (which the doctor would have known had he listened to me talk at all). Suddenly the lightbulb turns on with this guy and he is going on about... well , I actually don't know. Sam cuts him off and asks what is wrong with Oz. The doctor is confused. So I ask also, what is this official problem here. He is still clueless, so Sam says, "what is the mass on his scrotum?"

In a voice that sounds like it is a total revelation, this doctor says, "oh, it is a hernia."

I wish you could all have seen the look Sam gives me right then. It was priceless. It said, "this guy is the dumbest person ever" and so much more that I cannot type because even I have my vulgarity limits. I loved that moment so much.

So, Sam asks if we can get Oz something for the pain. Remember, when I ask it is a dumb idea, but now this new and improved doc is all about pain relief. Oh and now we are getting juice for Oz and all sorts of care in a timely manner. Must have been the uniform. Or the taser. Who knows.

Either way, we were DONE. It had been hours, this guy was an idiot and we wanted to just talk to our doctor in the morning instead of going with any quack this guy suggested for surgery.

So, we went home. Sam was going to go back to work, but Caleb made him go home to help me and proceeded to work basically 24 hours. That is why I love that family.

We got home and Oz slept all night, thank you lortab!

So, today I got up at 7am and called our doctor. We actually see a PA and she is amazing. I love her and trust her with, well, my babies. I gave her the rundown of what happened and she spent her morning lining up surgeons, getting an ultrasound set up and clearing time for us to bring Oz in.

It was a long day.

Here is where we are at:

The boy has a hernia and it is cranky. However, at this time it isn't worse than that so that is good because he still has that cough (and the cough is probably what caused the hernia) and our PA doesn't feel comfortable with surgery happening until his cough is gone for a day or so. Something about the anesthesia and possible complications. However, the boy is in a lot of pain. We also have the timing of Cinco to consider in all this. So... we're walking a bit of a tightrope right now. We need to get Oz healthy enough for surgery so he won't be in pain and I won't be caring for a newborn and a toddler who needs surgery. It can take up to a month for a cough to get better and that is just pushing it too close to the wire. Also, the idea of him hurting for that long just breaks my heart.

So, what can we do?

Nothing really. Push liquids, keep the pain meds going and pray. Pray, pray pray.

You can too if you want.

In the meantime, we're staying as homebound as possible and we also won't be up for any visitors right now. Oz must get better so he can get all the way better and I can't risk germs right now. Please don't be offended. The best thing people can do is pray and send happy thoughts and we'll be very grateful for that.

This is all going to be okay. I'm worried for my baby and I'm sad that he hurts and I feel like a crap mom that I was impatient with him because of all his whining. But, it will be okay.

Here are a few pics of the fun. I didn't take any at the hospital because I was too busy not killing people.

 Not a happy camper. This was Sunday afternoon and he was actually feeling a little bit better right there.

 Sometimes tossing a baby on your back makes things a little better.
Seriously, how could that nurse not realize I was pregnant? Sigh.
Oh and enjoy. 
Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

What our little Oz is doing right now. He is just exhausted and hurting and we're going to let him sleep while the pain killers kick back in.

I'll tell you the rest of the story once it happens. I hope that is very soon.

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  1. Oh man, what an awful experience! And what an idiot doctor! I was laughing so hard about you wanting to murder him because I have totally been there. When my son had had a fever for a month (A MONTH!) and the doctor was not believing me and telling me "You need to be the mom" it was all I could do to not stab him with a thermometer. Probably the only thing that saved him was that both kids were there and I didn't want them to need therapy. Way to stand up for yourself and your kid.