Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Osbourne Vs. The Hernia, RSV and Pneumonia(?) part 2

This kid is having a horrific week.

I am typing this on my kindle and frankly I am really overwhelmed right now so here is the gist.

The boy got sicker and I got more worried. I kept feeling like we needed to do... more. He even perked up a bit but then tanked. That was it for me and I knew we had to do something right that second.

After a call with our doctor's office we were sent back to the ER, only this time the good doctors and nurses were there and actually treated us.

Oz had a fever of 103 and his sats were bad. They started an iv and oxygen and did some fast testing and came back with RSV, pneumonia and of course, the hernia.

We were admitted and here we are.

I am a wreck, won't lie. I know this isn't a big deal compared to how sick other kids get but this is the sickest any of the herd has ever been. Don't know when we will go home but I hope soon. Like in a half hour. Dare to dream.

I promise I will tell the story later when I am not on this kindle and when I am not quite so blubbery.

We are fine, have help with kids and food. Prayers or happy thoughts would rock.

This is lamesauce.

Ps. The pediatrician just came in and pneumonia may be off the table! I would love to be downgraded that way.


  1. Hugs to you Kimber and Oz and crew. When my middle was 18 mos old, he got an awful bout of RSV and we got turned away from the ER multiple times before being admitted. You should be good now that you're in! A few days of supportive care and you'll go home with a new little man. He'll feel much better. YOU get some rest while you're there. They should let you order food to your room, so do that if you can.

  2. I'm so sorry. Prayers for sure.

  3. Oh, Kimber, my thoughts & prayers are with you & yours...

  4. Yes, I am praying for you and for cute lil Ozzy. Keep us updated. Love you!