Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sleeping Arrangements

We've reached that stage of the game, folks.

I'm starting to get a bit antsy about the fact that I have done next to nothing to prepare for Cinco to arrive and honestly, I'm usually completely ready around 6 months of pregnancy.

Yeah, kinda missed that deadline.

So, I've been making my lists and checking them twice (an hour) hoping to get at least a few things done.

Of course, life keeps getting in the way. That and sickies or work or all the stuff breaking or my need for a nap. Why do I never get that nap?

It has been a bit panic inducing. However, we're finally getting stuff done.

One of my big stresses was the bed situation.
We don't have a crib. We don't want a crib. We had a crib with Belle and used it some, had it with Buddy and used it when he was older. By the time Xander came along that crib was a great place to store toys and clothes, but not so much a baby. He just hung out with us until Ozzy was born, then he moved in with Buddy. Mostly.

Now we have Ozzy with us and it is great, but that kid is not ready to transition to a bed of his own and honestly, we don't feel ready to force that on him. All of our kids have made it very clear when they wanted their own space and, just like potty training around here, I've found it is a waste of my time and energy to force a developmental thing like that when these kids will eventually decide to make that step on their own anyhow. (Yes, I am the ultimate lazy mom.)

So, we'll have Oz and Cinco in bed with us. No big. Except for space.

We've been in a queen since we got married. It fits us great and we can squeeze a spare up to toddler pretty easily, but two kids are always pushing it. Plus, while I'm a fan of co sleeping, I am all about SAFE co sleeping and a squished group won't work.

So, I decided we needed a bigger bed.

But, those things cost money. You know what else costs money? Doctors. Especially when you are supposed to have health insurance but for some odd reason your city doesn't have working health insurance so you use all the money you saved to pay for doctor visits. (And that is all I will say about that because the stress of that situation is currently keeping me up at night.)

So, I have been worrying about how to upgrade the bed. I was inspired by my friend Kelley's method. (click here) .
But, we still needed to figure out how to afford it.

I was whining to my friend Marie a few weeks back about the whole thing and bless her, she gave me a solution that was perfect. They had a California King bed that one of their kids was sleeping on. It wasn't new or fancy, but it was free to us if we wanted it.

Oh, we wanted it.

So, yesterday we swapped. Our queen went there and we got their C King. I had some gift cards from Christmas that I used to get sheets and this awesome mattress pad that feels like we're sleeping on a cloud for a great deal. I also bought a ton of mattress cleaner to share with my friend because, well, I am on a cleaning kick right now and used mattresses in a family with kids always need a clean here and there. Of course, I was too tired to use it yesterday so I'll clean it tomorrow.

Anyhow, we got it in our room and put our bedding on it and it is lovely:

Then angels are singing.

Perfect. Tons of room for all four of us and probably a few more kids if (when) they want to hang out for part of the night. Sam is in heaven. I'm as comfy as I get at this point and Ozzy slept like an adult and not like a baby in it! There will be room for our co sleeper do-dad and we'll all be happy.

Big stress off me.

Another stress off me: I have been scouring the house looking for all my newborn clothes. I gave most of it away (good work there) but I knew I had some left. I found some bibs and booties I wanted for Oz that I couldn't find 2 years ago (so happy), but I could not find the newborn stuff. I was ready to cry. Welll, today while we were doing the cat clean out, Belle was cleaning her room and found my bucket of baby clothes in there! Woooooooo! Another stress off me!

This brings me to something I should mention. We don't need a single blessed thing for Cinco. Really. We have been given a lot already and we had things here and there so we're good. Unless you have a baby bouncer you want to get rid of for cheap. It isn't a need, but I have visions of Oz jumping over Cinco and landing on that sweet thing's head (on the rare occasion I'm not wearing the baby and Cinco is hanging on the floor) so I wouldn't mind something to set the baby in here and there. So, if you want to unload such an item, let me know how much you want for it and I'll be a happy girl.

As it is, I'm feeling pretty happy now. I still have a ton to do, but I have plenty of time and the big stuff is done. YAY!

Now to climb in my giant bed. Yes.

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