Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snow Shovelers

Have I mentioned how much I love having kids who are finally big enough to do some of the harder chores?

It is so very fabulous.

We got snow right before Christmas and that was great. I guess.
I won't lie, I don't like snow. It is cold and cold is never good for me. It is slippery and I fall down all the time. It melts in my kitchen and I always step in the puddles and get my nice warm socks all wet.

Not really a huge snow fan.

Dear sweet Sam knows I'm not a snow bunny so he wanted to make things a little easier on me when I have to go outside. (For the record, I pretty much hibernate once it snows and I only come out of the Towerland cave when I absolutely must to take Xander to preschool or to go to Bountiful Baskets, etc. Other than that, see you in the spring.)

Anyhow, Sam pulled out the snowblower to take care of the driveway. About 2 seconds later he came back in very, very cranky.

Following it's special tradition, the darn thing wouldn't start. Again.
We've spent some money on this blasted contraption each winter. It always decides not to start just when Sam needs it and then we take it in to get repaired and they do the same thing each time and it works for half the winter then stops again. Sam is actually good with repairing things, but this blower just hates him. Pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Well, we have our own little army of snowblowers to use this year.
Woo hoo!
(They got new gloves in their stockings for Christmas and it wasn't a moment too soon!)

So, we sent the herd out to help shovel. We didn't have quite enough shovels for everyone, but we'll be remedying that issue shortly.

Sam and the kids went out and got that driveway cleared pretty quickly.

This is my crappy picture from the safety of my space heater  seat in the living room. Yes, I have a space heater next to my piano so I can stay warm while I teach.

The kids had fun and were mostly helpful, Sam got the snow cleared, bless his heart and I rehomed the snowblower so we don't have to give it dirty looks anymore. Everyone is happy!

Can't wait for spring!

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