Tuesday, January 1, 2013

There Can Only Be One

I am afraid for the boys around here.
They've gone Highlander.

 Yep, this. totally.

(One thing about this show. After the first, oh, 20 episodes, why did people keep coming after this guy? It was obvious he was going to kill them all. Methinks Immortals are stupid.)

So, yesterday Xander comes running down the stairs just wailing. I had run down to get Sam something.


The boy was bleeding from the head pretty good so we had to get the bleeding to stop and we had to see how bad the injury was. It was ugly, but not too deep.

Turned out a brother had taken one of my shop vac attachments and had nailed him in the noggin with it.
Well, that's one way to take Xander out.
Poor Xander.
Sam stuck a band aid on it and that lasted about 10 minutes before we had to replace it.
Then I had to go after the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

Look at this hooligan.
What a hardened criminal.
He needs his nose wiped too, ugh. (The boy got two molars over the weekend and it was not so much fun.)
So, we had a talk with the two year old and then confiscated all the weapons.
Then we had to take care of Xander's wound a bit more. It was bleeding more than I wanted it to, but Sam didn't think it needed stitches or anything.
I was more concerned so he went all Master Herbalist on it.
He put some herb thingy on it to help with pain and stop the bleeding. I can't remember what is was but I'll ask him in a bit and write it down.
After Daddy's treatment we bandaged again and it seemed to stop all the bleeding.

Today the wound looks pretty darn good so that is nice.

I'm not sure which boy will make it to adulthood at this point, but if the older boys are smart they won't underestimate Osbourne again.

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