Sunday, January 6, 2013

You might be a police family if...

This could happen to you.

Sam is fighting a bit of a cold and needed a decongestant. He wanted Sudafed, but the old school kind.

Of course, no one can get Sudafed over the counter anymore, you have to sign for it at the pharmacy. Thanks, druggies.

Anyhow, we were at Walmart looking for it and one of our local judges (who Sam of course sees on a regular basis through work and who also happens to go to church with us) on the same aisle looking for medicine too. No big, he's a really nice man.

I was looking for the Sudafed as I had forgotten I needed to get it at the pharmacy and getting a bit annoyed.  Belle asked me what we were looking for and I said, "Sudafed." She points out the Sudafed PE and I say, "No, I need the stuff people make meth with... oh, hey judge!"


Even more awesome is when Belle replies, "we have to sign for that mom, like the druggies." 

Double rainbow awesome.

Bless that man, he held back his laughter and let me enjoy that moment on my own.

I love our life.


  1. If it makes you feel better, my kids know what prostitutes are and are familiar with me talking about addiction, specifically crack, heroin, alcohol, and sexual addictions. I think it makes them better prepared for the world :)

  2. You have the funniest adventures!