Monday, February 18, 2013

12 Years of Wedded Bliss. Or Something Like That.

So, yesterday was Sambo and Kimby's 12 year wedding anniversary.

Oh my.

It was pretty great. We just spent the day as a family and every so often Sam and I got in a joke about being married way too long and how we never really expected to find ourselves with this pile of kids, a house in a small town and loving a granola/tightwad way of living.

Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way. Even on our worst day, we both know life is pretty grand in Towerland (yep, I rhymed. Judge away.).

I thought I'd paste our facebook posts here  so we can remember the dumb stuff we said about each other on the interwebs:

Twelve years ago I suckered Sambolicious into marrying me. 4.95 kids, 3 houses, too many bills and an unfortunate flirtation with skinny jeans (on his part) later and I adore him more that I ever thought I could. You are my most favorite person and I would be very mopey if I couldn't hang with you all the time. Now bake me a pie.

Twelve years ago Kimber suckered me into marrying her, I think I got the better deal as she will probably tell you. Aside from the recent skinny jean comment (they were levi 501, which I still wear) she is pretty much right about everything, including the getting married thing. It has been the best twelve years I have spent in this flesh suit and hope she will come with me when I shed this coat of human skin and rise to my rightful throne as intergalactic ruler of the blargazoids.

(Of course, you should know my reply to Sam's post:
Don't be ashamed of your skinny jeans thing, babe. You looked pretty. You're my favorite person every day of every week. I plan to stick with you wherever you go... unless Ben Affleck or Joel McHale come for me, then I'm out. Sorry.)

If I have a chance maybe I'll post more about my most favorite guy on the planet, but right now I have some sneaky kids who want to run and play all night so I need to find some gypsies to sell them off to. 

Honestly, best life ever.  

 And, for your viewing pleasure, one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite shows, Scrubs of course.

Last year Sambo learned this song just so he could play and sing it to me. Makes me happy every time.
(I love this clip because I think Sam and I are little bit and sometimes a lotta bit like all of these three couples in it. Of course, aren't we all?)

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  1. Aw, shucks. You guys are cute. And funny. I always forget and then always remember that our anniversaries are one day apart. Ours is the 18th. Gotta love President's Day weekend. Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!