Saturday, February 9, 2013

Best Friends Forever

Belle took this pic of the boys while Oz was in the hospital and I just now found it.

I love it.

Look at those boys and tell me they won't be the best of friends their entire lives.

Just tonight as we were grocery shopping I was listening to Buddy while he kept track of Xander in the store. (This week I gave Buddy the job of being the "minder" of Xander so he can learn how to babysit, kind of like what I did with Isabelle at the same age. He is taking his new job very seriously and Xander, bless that kid, it totally fine with it.) Buddy watches over him, makes sure he is close by and gives him sage life advice. Okay, that last one can be debated, but I enjoy listening to it.

This may be my favorite picture of siblings in the entire world. I really love those boys.

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