Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Current Sickie to Healthy Tower Ratio: Even Split

Just so you all know, I'm not even mad at this point, I'm just totally amused.

So, I have strep. We know that. It seems to be getting better so it is okay.

Ozzy saw the doctor yesterday and he is so much better than he was. SO MUCH. But, he has a double ear infection now. We're just waiting and seeing with that one and hoping it improves. Needless to say, this slows down the surgery scheduling even more.

Sam is at the doctor right now and he just texted me the doctor says he has "almost pneumonia". I didn't know that was a technical term. I am betting this official diagnosis is walking pneumonia. Awesome.

Belle and Buddy and Xander are still totally healthy, though when X takes off his shirt and rolls around the floor he breaks into hives. We are guessing the residual cat hair is doing that to him. I'm trying to get that allergist appointment scheduled, but it got bumped a bit this past week.

One of my friends had a pizza delivered to us today (oh Thank YOU, the kids were so happy!) and she asked if a green fog is surrounding Towerland. Perhaps!

I had a realization that we have two ways to look at situations like this. The first is easier. It is thinking things can always get worse. The can and often do. But, the other way to think is that things can always get better. They can and ALWAYS do. We just don't look for the better like we should. Yes, this is a frustrating moment, but at the same time, Oz is doing so much better, than he was, so yay! Sam and I are old enough to get through a rare bout of illness just fine. The other kids are doing great and really we are all together through this, so it will be okay. It really, really will.

Plus, Cinco is safe and that is really important right now. I just know this kiddo won't be born until we are all healthy enough for that to happen and I'm so grateful for that.

It can always get better. This is just a moment and it won't last forever.

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