Monday, February 18, 2013


This was an awesome day.

Our new fridge arrived!

So, we have been needing a new fridge for some time now. Our older one has been a great fridge, but it was new in the 80's and lately had been making noises that was causing us some worry about it crapping out in the middle of the night. With that in mind, we have had a new fridge on our list of "things to get soon" for some time now.

Well, the time arrived. Yay!

We have a friend who works at Lowes and he was able to help us find the right model for us. I didn't want fancy, just good since the point of a fridge is to keep things cold and beyond that, really, who cares?

He set up everything so I never even had to go to the store. That of course makes me really love him because we all know I like to do all my shopping from home whenever possible.

Today was the big day. We cleaned the kitchen and had a mop bucket full of my favorite FABULOSO ready for action.

When the nice Lowes men came, they took our old fridge and were kind enough to put it in our shop for us. We figure it may still be okay to put bottled water and pop in it... nothing super important for when it does die, but extra items we need.
Bye old fridge, thanks for the memories.

Then we cleaned and cleaned the spot where the fridge would go. Sam was super smart and figured out how to turn off the water to the ice maker in advance. Genius!

When the delivery men arrived the entire herd came down to watch the show.

There she is. Our beautiful fridge fresh off the truck.

It ended up being a tight squeeze on the top, but we knew that would happen. The thing about these built in cabinet doodads is that they were made for appliances in the 80's, before people supersized everything.

No matter, Sam got out a tool and shaved some room for the fridge. Perfect!

She is a beauty.

I wanted something very simple that would survive a bunch of kids.

I did not want anything that had ice or water dispensers on the outside as I could just see how that would play out very poorly in this house.

However, I did want an internal icemaker and this one has that! Yay!

I also wanted more width. I don't care for side by sides because of the lack of width, so this was great.

And, it matches Barbie and Skipper (the double oven you see to the right in case you forgot).

I found these nifty little shelfy thingys a few weeks ago at Family Dollar and I knew they would help keep my fridge organized, so I bought a few. I keep mostly produce in them and I love them so much already.

Check out all those eggs! We have a friend who has chickens and we get eggs from her. I love fresh eggs.

The bottom drawers don't even have anything in them yet! I love that! I plan to fill one with healthy snacks the herd can just grab whenever they want (or I can grab or Sam can grab) and then the other one... I don't know yet. That is just exciting to think about!

My freezer and the 13lbs of butter in there. I need a little more butter in order to feel happy. Can't ever have too much you know.

The ice maker is awesome already. I love ice. San thinks I'm nuts but I don't care. Ice is awesome.

Look at the shelves in the door! I can put big stuff in there! Yay!

Yep, we really love this fridge. Now I don't have to worry about all our food being ruined plus I have a new box to keep stuff cold.

(Yes, this is one more thing I'm doing to keep my mind off not being able to put shoes on anymore. Shh.)

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