Saturday, February 9, 2013

I am in Love with our Giant Bed

Giant beds are awesome.

Of course, the pillowy thing I bought for the mattress pad also makes it awesome. It is like we are sleeping on pillows and we love it.

But, our favorite thing is this:
See that baby stretched out lengthwise?
He can totally do that and Sam and I both have all the room we need anyhow.

I have my giant purple pregnancy pillow going and all my mismatched bedding for when I get uncomfortable at night and I need to create some sort of padding system, or I overhead and have to throw off the covers then my feet get cold so I need a blanky... yeah, I'm taking a ton of room.

But I can because we have a giant bed!

Love it!

Oh and I also love my new camera I got for Christmas. This room was total darkness and my camera still got a decent picture. Makes me happy.

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