Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mom Down

I repeat, we have a Mom down!

Yep, I'm sick now.

So, I noticed a tickle on Friday, but it went away immediately so I thought it was what I had eaten for dinner. Saturday night my throat started to ache and my ears were right behind.

I spent last night awake because it hurt so much and was swelling.

So, this morning I decided not to mess around and went to an urgent care.

I was mostly worried it was strep. I actually never get strep, other than when I was pregnant with Buddy. That was a doozy because I had strep AND a broken cheekbone.
Funny story about the cheekbone. I was helping a certain husband get the Christmas trees out of our garage rafters and the tree came down really really fast and my face caught it. OOOWWW.
(Now, in Sambo's defense, he had said about twenty times, "the tree is too big for you to catch, move or you will get hurt," to which I would angrily tell him to zip it and let me help because I was totally strong enough. I was wrong and I couldn't even tell people my husband broke my face for fun because I really DID actually ask for it. Sigh.)
I remember the strep was so painful I couldn't even think half the time. I was just miserable.

This feels the exact same way.

Of course, we're trying to get Oz healthy, keep everyone else healthy and make it so we have a newborn in a non sickie-filled house. Frick on a stick.

So, off to urgent care to get this resolved.

They did a rapid strep test and it came back negative. However, the doctor I saw was pretty sure this wasn't an accurate result as she did her exam. She put me on (more) antibiotics and gave me all the instructions for strep and sent me out the door.

She also made my morning in two ways. 1. When I told her how pregnant I was she was shocked and told me I look amazing... and she meant that in a nice way! I needed that so bad. 2. She loved my Honey Badger shirt. I'm always tickled when someone gets my Honey Badger shirt and likes it to boot. It is a special shirt I have been wearing all weekend (we've discussed how clothes work in this house right now, go back if you need a refresher course on pregnancy costume changes in Towerland) because seriously, I've gone Honey Badger. I don't care and I'm hungry. Oh, and I'm getting pretty mean (you would be too if you were trying to keep your young healthy and nothing was working.)

So, I tried to fill my prescription, but the "fabulous" insurance we have through Sam's work apparently is mostly for show so I had to find a place that takes it. Don't get me started. I've just given up on that entire situation and I need to start hunting for private insurance. You know, in my spare, healthy time. Head wall.

I ended up a Walmart. Walmart on Sunday is always a little odd.and once again that place did not disappoint. I was able to find the very last generic throat spray in that store (and nearly head butted a little old lady to get it first... I was NOT going to pay $6 for name brand when I could have the same thing for $1.97!) and that was a total bonus for me.

(This also reminds me of something cool Sam did for Oz about 10 days ago. Oz had a horrible sore throat---probably strep now that we think about it because you know that kid didn't have anything else going on--- and it was 2am and the stores were closed all over town and the gas stations didn't have any spray so Sam took some Sucrets and dissolved them and made a dropper solution that we used to ease the throat pain for a few days. It was pretty genius.)

I wander around Walmart while waiting for my drugs, clutching my throat spray so no one stole it from me. I looked at all the laptops since we will need to replace ours soon and I looked at the baby bouncers because I feel like I need that one item to be a happy parent and keep Cinco from being squished by kids who like to jump babies (we have a few of those here). I found one or two I actually liked, that was exciting. But, then my cell told me to get my medicine so I trot over to the register and...

the register dies.

Then all the registers die. In the entire store. For half hour.

People, things got REAL in that Walmart. People wanted their cheap stuff. Suddenly they were having revelations about the direction of their lives. Families were getting a little freaked out. People were invading personal space way too much. The lady behind me was so close to me FOR NO REASON that I could feel her breath on my neck. I nearly turned to cough on her in self defense.It was a scary half hour.

But then the registers started working and we all got to leave. Yay.

So, I took my medicine, came home and went to bed for a few hours.

Ozzy is doing great right now. The other kids appear to be just fine. Sam is sporting a cough but not a sore throat. I'm the current winner. Fabulous.

Oh well. We'll get through it.

But, please, stay away from Typhoid Towerland at least for a day or so until my antibiotics kick in so we don't get you sick. I am so glad I didn't touch any produce at BB yesterday or I would be furious at myself right now.I've made the executive decision to keep Xander home from preschool for at least the week so I can stop the influx of germs. I'm not as worried about the older kids because they wash their hands and all that, but he is still a bit young to remember and so are the kids he is at school with. Even so, we'll be very cautious with all extra stuff for at least the week.

Because I know a few of our loved ones will ask, we don't need anything. Just to get better. I'm very grateful for how prepared we are for situations like this and we really do have plenty of food and all that good stuff. I'm so worried about getting sicker or giving illness to others so please, feel free to email or text or facebook us (talking on the phone really hurts right now), but don't come by and risk exposure.

At last count, one of our good friends has a baby with RSV (and I am so afraid we gave it to her before we knew we were sick) and today while I was at urgent care a friend of mine walked in with her three kids. I urged her to have her kids tested for RSV and guess what? Yep, all three have it. It is seriously everywhere this year and it seems to bring bonus prizes with it as all those kids have other things going on top of the RSV. BOO.

Upside to all of this: We will be healthy before Cinco arrives. I have faith in this. We rarely get super sick around here and we were due so this is okay. It will get better and I will be so glad we did this before Cinco is born. (But, if you want to pray that this moves along faster and without anymore hijinks, I would be grateful. I really want to get surgery on Oz done and this kind of stuff gums up the works.)

So, there you have it.

Oh, one last note: All of you who have made snide comments over the years about how uptight I get about sick kids spreading their sickie germs all over the world... if you want I can bring my kids over to play with yours today or tomorrow. I'm happy to cough on you too, just say the word. Or is it less fun when it is my kids and not yours who are sick? (Yes, that was my cranky showing. Keep sickies home and spare the rest of us.)

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  1. I love that last part!!! I'm the same way, keep your sickies away from my healthies! Get better.