Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Riding the Ponies at the Carousel!

Our museum had a new exhibit come to town recently.

It is all about carousels.

Isabelle in particular was really excited about it. This past summer my mom took the kids to the Rexburg carousel (and the kids took full advantage of her generosity, sigh) and she gave Belle some papers on the history of that carousel.

Isabelle has kept those papers and read over them several times since then because she has found it so interesting.

When she saw the new exhibit was carousels, of course she insisted we go.

Now, yesterday the museum actually had a free day for the first time in I think a decade! Being the deal hunter I am, I was wanting to go.

Then I thought better of it.

We went today instead. Better to pay and support the museum than deal with the crowds. From what I hear the place was a zoo and lines were really long, so I'm glad we didn't go then.

We were actually the only people in the museum when we went!

It was a lot of fun as the volunteers actually told us all sorts of neat extra info and even let the kids sit on one of the displays!  (They probably let others do it too, but we felt pretty special.)
The herd on an elephant. I love it.
Pig. Hee hee.

Sam was awesome and wore Ozzy for me. My hip is still pretty cranky and I don't like to use the cane because it draws too much attention so I can't really support more than my weight safely right now. Blah.
The kids love to play in the fun part of the museum. They dressed up and just had a blast!

Proof I was there and that I am, indeed, still pregnant.

People, please stop checking in. I've turned off the phone and I'm ignoring the doorbell because it is really starting to make me stressed out. Bug us in a few weeks, okay?

Or, just remember, "don't call us, we'll call you." We will.

Or we'll blog you, but either way, space would be appreciated.

Pleading over. Back to the exhibit.

It was absolutely outstanding. Totally worth the money we spent. We also paid for a ride on the indoor carousel they had there and that was a hoot! Ozzy loved it and cried when his ride ended. If you are local, you need to go to this exhibit. It was just incredible.

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