Friday, February 1, 2013

Too Tired and Too Pregnant to do Anything...

In light of all the health drama in Towerland lately, I thought I'd post something that happened to me today:

Today I had a scary few hours.
I was walking around the house and I could not stand up straight. I was constantly slanted to one side. When I walked it was lopsided and I was thinking there was something seriously wrong with my hips and spine because I could not stop myself from looking like I needed a V-8.
Then I took off my shoes to settle Oz for a nap and I could walk normally. It was a miracle! I was still worried however.
Of course, then I actually LOOKED at the shoes I had been wearing all day.
Yeah, I was wearing totally different shoes that were totally different heights. I think I am too tired and too pregnant to be allowed to do anything that requires brain cells.

In health news, Ozzy is doing great. He is coughing lots of yucky stuff up which is excellent. We want him to cough everything up so when he goes to see his doctor next week his lungs are good and we can start talking surgery again. He is also eating and drinking almost normally (we may or may not be bribing him with Capri Suns and popsicles at this point), he is running around like a crazy person trying to keep up with his brothers (and we are trying really hard to stop that because we're freaked out that he is going to jack up his hernia) and tonight after his bath he even pooped on a chair! Okay, that last part sucked. I was not a happy camper. But, I was in the tub and Sambo was taking him out of the tub, but then the stupid batphone rang and Sam got distracted (it was absolutely nothing of importance btw which annoyed me even more) and Ozzy took off, sat in the chair and did a twosie. It hurts my brain just thinking about it. I hosed him off all over again while Sam cleaned the bulk of the grossness, then we took off the slipcover and I washed it. So happy it had a slip cover. Next person to let Oz run around without a diaper goes to time out forever. 
 The other kids appear to be good, though I am listening to Xander in bed and praying that isn't a barky cough starting to manifest itself. I am thisclose to never letting him leave the house again between the months of November-April if this is how it is going to go every other year.
 In non health news, now that I have taken everything in the world off my plate I am adding to my to do list for the month. I have a lot of sewing to finish up, tons of organizing and cleaning and some new habits I want to form while I have the time to force myself. My mom told me tonight I'm trying to convince myself that I won't go crazy without piano all month and I suspect she is onto something there. Oh well. 
 Alright, off to make sure everyone is asleep and set up a bed on my floor for Xander as I suspect he'll be in to visit us in a few short hours.    

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