Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Family Sleepover

We have a new family activity.

It came out of all the wackiness and stresses of the past many months. Sam and I realized we both miss the kids at night and would like to hang with them more so we started doing movie nights in our room. The kid bring down their blankets and pillows and lay on the floor by our bed and take turns climbing in bed with us and cuddling. We have loved it.

We decided to try a family sleepover the other night too.

Boys cuddling
Xander taking his turn in bed with us.
(I had a picture of Belle but it didn't turn out. Boo.)
Henry pooped out early on us. Newborns.

We had a lot of fun watching a movie and then we were going to let the kids go to sleep in our room but they decided they wanted to sleep in their beds! The nerve.

It was still really fun and I think we're going to try to have these movie and sleepover nights as often as possible from now on.

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