Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kicking that Hernia in... the Hernia

The day finally came.

Ozzy was healthy enough to have his hernia repair done.

This picture has nothing to do with the surgery, I just find it hilarious.
Also, for the past week Oz keeps finding these Spiderman PJs and he immediately strips out of whatever else he is wearing so he can put these on and then he shoots webs at everything for the rest of the day. It is awesome.
This is his shooting webs face.

Anyhow, back to surgery.
We got up early to get to the hospital on time.
Oz wasn't in the best mood, but he wasn't freaked out. We had been prepping him for the past week so he wouldn't get too upset when we got to the hospital.
First he had to change into a hospital gown. He didn't love that but he dealt with it.
He spent a lot of time cuddling Sambo while I took care of Henry.
Speaking of Henry... here he is with ME! I was there!
Oh and babywearing rocks when you need to take care of a newborn and a toddler at the same time.
My new favorite face that Ozzy makes.

He was pretty happy until our nurse came in.
Sadly, she was not a nice nurse like we have enjoyed in the recent past. She was very annoyed with the world and us and everything else. We tried really hard to just be nice to her and not make her life harder. I'm sure she was having a rough day or something.
Oz started getting stressed when they wanted him to take medicine and they wanted to look him over, but he had his Daddy so he was coping okay.
We took pictures so he wouldn't cry. Ozzy loves it when I take pictures.
Henry was a good little distraction.

So, around this time they gave him some medicine to chill him out and forget everything. I stopped taking pictures around now because I was having a hard time not crying. I am super awesome though because I did hold it together and kept from crying until they took him away for surgery.

By the way, the anesthesiologist (I doubt I spelled that correctly) was amazing. He talked to Ozzy and made friends with him. Then he picked him up and said to us, "I'm going to leave right now"  and he just casually walked off with Ozzy. I couldn't believe it. Oz was totally mellow and just went with him without a tear.

So, we went to the waiting room and it was actually a short wait. I was ready for a few hours, but it was less than and hour and the surgeon came and got us and told us he found a "good sized" hernia (I think that was code for bigger than expected) and it was all repaired and done.

Such a relief.

Now, Oz did not wake up happy. This kid is not a great waker upper at home. We have to ease him into it. He gets that from his dad by the way. Me, alarm goes off and I leap out of bed and get to it. Sam... not so much. His alarm goes off and I nearly leap out of bed, then remember it is him getting up, then I lie in bed stressing that he is snoring again and he'll be late for whatever he needs to be at and when he finally does get up I'm unable to fall back asleep because I worried about whether or not to bother him and make sure he would get up. Yeah. Fun.

Anyhow, back to Oz. The boy was furious. Wow. Screaming FIT. It didn't help that he had tried to rip out his IV and so they wrapped his arm from elbow to fingertips and he hated that. He actually tried to bite it at one point. It took a lot of work, but we finally settled him down. The new (nicer) nurse gave him a popsicle and then they sent us home. That was amazing.

Of course, we forgot one of our binkies at the hospital, but when the nurse called I told her to toss it because there was no way I was going back to any hospital anytime soon. I can buy another binky, but my sanity is too precious.

So, we got home and relieved my dad who was tending Belle and Buddy. Our friend Marie had been kind enough to get X to school and we were able to pick him up. (I know, we have some really good friend and family around here to help us out.) I was very amused by the special breakfast my dad got the kids. McDonalds. The kids talked about it all day! Pretty funny.

Belle made Oz a special bed to rest in when we got home.
I know, fancy.

He spent some of the day getting steady on his feet again and then he was better than he has been in a month or so!

My happy Osbourne is back! The crabby all the time boy is gone and the kiddo who likes us and doesn't scream and cry at the drop of a hat has returned! Hooray!

I can't believe how much that hernia affected his personality. Knowing how much it must have been hurting him for the past month makes me feel so bad, but we had to wait for the doctor to give the green light. I am just glad it is done. He will have a scar, but I'm just happy he is better. I love having my happy Ozzy Boy back.

Now I hope we can stop worrying about health stuff and focus on something more interesting.

Any parent who has to deal with more stressful health issues with their kids have my respect. This has been such a stressful experience and I don't know how other parents are able to not just lose their Schmidt with anything bigger. I have a lot of respect and empathy for families in those situations now and I hope we never have any other big stressful health things to worry about again.

(Sam says I'm nuts to think we won't have at least one boy break their legs at some point. Not because they do something dumb without thinking, but because their carefully calculated plan for mayhem will go horribly wrong. He's right. Sigh. We're doomed.)

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