Monday, March 18, 2013

Proof I Exist and that it is Finally Warming up Around Here

It is finally getting warm around here again!

Of course, in Idaho warm is anything over 30 degrees.

Either way, yay for warmer weather.

I've been dying to start exercising again (can't wait to run a 5k this summer but I won't be able to even crawl it if I don't get my hiney in gear and training soon) so last week when Sambo got home from work I talked him into taking all of us on a walk.

We only circled the block since I am still waiting for my tailbone to snap back where it belongs (broken tailbones are a pain, thanks Henry) and he didn't want me to over do it and then be stuck whimpering on the couch the next day. Plus, we were letting Ozzy try walking with us instead of being in a carrier. Oz did great with that. He held Sam's hand the entire time and kept up just fine.

It was just nice to get out of the house and wander around again. We live in such a pretty town and it always baffles me that we don't see more people taking advantage of it and walking around more.

I also looked much better than I have for the last few months so I made Sam take my picture.
This is my absolute favorite wrap. It is Wrapsody brand and her name is Aphrodite. I even have a matching headwrap to wear with her.
I also have my awesome gloves I have to wear until nearly June so my hands don't get all Raynauds-y and numb.
Isn't that hat on Henry cute? It is a Wrapsody hat and yes, a little too big, but I don't care. He was so cute while we walked. He just looked at everything until his neck got too tired. Then he went to sleep. It was awesome.
When we got home Sam raked out a part of the front flower beds and we found some tulips and iris starts coming up.

So happy to see green stuff!
Of course I made Sam take a pic with me at the end of our walk and look! He is almost smiling!
(Also, look at the scary tree behind me. The top is slowly falling over and every big wind storm I watch that tree and worry about it falling over into the road and onto some unsuspecting motorist.)

I'm so happy it is warming up so we can start going on walks again. Yay!

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