Monday, April 29, 2013

Angry Birds Math

I love seeing how my kids learn.

Sometimes it is hard to know if they understand something. Usually it is hard to know HOW they understand it.

When Belle started adding and subtracting larger sums and doing the "carry the 1" stuff, she and I would just argue through lessons. Not because she didn't get it, but because she was doing it in her head and I could not figure out for the life of me how a 7 year old could do those math problems when I only ran her through it once or twice!

Made me crazy. Then when she was put in the ALP program I learned to be okay with not knowing how she can understand something almost before it is taught. Still freaks me out, but I roll with it.

Well, now Buddy is doing his second grade school work. I am pretty sure I told you that the kids did a good job hustling through their 4th and 1st grade levels so we were promoted (that is what IDVA calls it) to our next grades, so they are working on 5th and 2nd grade now. Buddy is going into that part of math Belle did and he was also doing it in his head and I could not figure out what he was doing!

So, I made him get out the math sticks so I could see inside his head in a manner of speaking.

This is what I saw.
He is making an angry birds scenario out of the numbers he needs to subtract. flinging of little one cubes were involved and there were a lot of sound effects.

He did get the answers right.

However, I'm ready to not see in their heads again. Way too weird in there.

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