Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Be My Workout Buddy?

Yes, I'm still without the craptop. Be ye warned, I have nearly 200 pictures sitting in my camera right now which is exciting because we have done some fun stuff and horrifying because I'm afraid I'll accidentally erase all my precious pictures and the memories that go with them.

I miss the craptop.

Anyhow, while I wait for it to return to me, other things are occupying my time. One of the biggest things is my return to exercising. I was really excited to train for my first 5k last year and I'm even more excited to be back to running again.

However, I want to do more than run right now. I really want to get back in shape and drop the baby weight semi quickly. Before you lecture me at all about that, please understand why: I am too cheap to buy new "in between" clothes and the stuff I have used in the past for this extra special time in my life is either worn out or FUGLY and I just can't bear to wear it. My cute, skinny Kimber clothes are all waiting for me patiently and in excellent shape and I want to wear them again. That is pretty much my motivation.

Well, I do want to be in shape too, but mostly the cheap thing.

Anyhow, I have a friend (who I met through Bountiful Baskets and the interwebs, boy, I love both of those things) and she is a personal trainer with a highly successful business here in SE Idaho. She does all sorts of classes and one of them in particular has caught my eye for some time now. It is a Boot Camp to get you  in shape. But, I haven't ever had time to do it or other things were going on etc.

Today one of her clients posted about her experience and even has a deal for doing a 6 week program. It is a great deal for the quality of the program and I think right now I actually have the time to go for it. Plus, you can do the program entirely online. This means I can work out here and not find a babysitter and stress juggling schedules with Sam and the kids can occupy themselves while I work out. That is super awesome to me!

I really want to do it, but I need to make sure I really can commit the time it will take. I'm seeing this as an investment on my health in the future and I want to make it a priority.

Check out the link and information here.

Now, I'm posting about it here because I would kind of like a few friends to do it with me so I am held a bit more accountable. Plus, it will be fun to see how it goes with a group. Since it can be done virtually, any of my friends can do it and really, this is a great deal! I have a support group for my running and now I want a group with this too.

So, anyone want to work out with me this month? It will be fun!

Oh and if you want to see what else my friend offers, here is her website.

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