Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cut the Crap

Today attempted to suck.

I say attempted because in the end, it didn't not succeed at sucking. It became awesome instead.

But, we'll get there.

It all started around 3am.

Henry has been sleeping beautifully at night, but for some reason he decided we should party at 3am last night.
 I was not onboard.
He kind of went back to sleep, but around 5am he wanted to see if I'd changed my mind about that partying all night thing.
I had not.
When I finally got him back to sleep around 6am, Sam's alarm went off and Henry woke up with it thinking *this time* we were going to party.
Not so much... however, my alarm was going off at 6:30am so I gave up and got up. Yawn.

I went to my Bountiful Basket site which is usually my happy place, but it started off crappy and when it got better I cracked a joke that I crack every week with my participants. They all laugh to be polite and I feel clever. Well, some participant who was new got all huffy about my joke and bit my head off a bit. To add insult to injury she wouldn't tell me where she got this awesome jacket she was wearing, she totally stomped off instead. Really bummed me out. a few other BB people kind of invaded my personal space and that really bothered me too.

Then we went yard saling. I was hoping to snag this porch swing I saw in an ad. We missed out on it.

We get home and go on a walk to get some garden supplies and Buddy was bringing the cranky extra hard so I was starting to run low on patience.

During all this Sam got called out to zip line (woo hoo!) so I was on my own. No big.

I got the babies to nap and I sat down to order a replacement washing machine from Lowes. The one we got from them is breaking down so Lowes sent us a gift card to replace what we paid (thank you extended warranty). I found what I wanted and ordered it online and... the order hiccupped or something and it didn't work.

I spent the entire babies' nap on the phone trying to fix the order and finally cancelling it.

During this time the boys picked my few and beloved daffodils for me. Sob.

The only picture I got of one before they were picked. Meh.

Topping all of this off, I was feeling frumpy and blah. That really never helps.

Well, Sam got home and I packed up Henry and took off. My friend Tina and I had a girl date planned.

I was feeling pretty cranky and down and all I could think of what how much better I feel when I cut my hair off. You see, I feel like all the stuff that happens over time is somehow stuck in my hair and when I cut it off I feel lighter physically and emotionally. I don't tend to NEED a hair cut often, but when I do, I really really do.

So, I drove to the mall, walked into the Master Cuts and begged the first gal I saw to chop off my locks.

She obliged.

It was great. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and left her to do her thing.

I was already feeling good, then things got more awesome.

My old college roommate Heather walked in. You know, sometimes you see an old friend and it is weird. Other times you see an old friend and you remember all the reasons they are awesomesauce. The latter was what happened. I love that girl and I have big plans to introduce her to a few good looking lawmen I  know.

(Interesting fact: Sam knew Heather in Jr High when they were CHEERLEADERS together. Let it sink in. He also had a crazy crush on her. She introduced us when I worked at Dennys in Pocatello and we were roomates again as we were roomies in Wyoming and Idaho. I love how small the world is. I also love that Sam was a CHEERLEADER. Really, enjoy.)

So, after Heather took off, my friend Tina arrived to laugh at me.

It was great.

Then we went for some fro yo and spent some time chatting. Just what I needed.

I had to hustle off to Lowes, but Tina made my day even better (as if hanging out wasn't enough!) and got me some new daffodil plants to replace what the boys pulled! Happiness!

Then I hit Lowes. Okay, that could have been a nightmare. The online order messed up the cards and it wasn't working out. But, these employees bent over backwards to figure it out and treated me like gold the entire time. One of them escorted me out with my beautiful fire pit I picked up while I was there. While we walked he asked me how his wife could make a carrier like I had. I mentally did a happy dance and gave him the web address where she could get my pattern for free then other contact info for our local babywearing group. It was fantastic!

To review:
Day started out like crap

Pretty sure it was going to stay that way but then I cut the crappy day right outta my hair, hung with a friend and helped a family learn more about babywearing. Oh, and got a new washer and fire pit.

I love days like this.

Oh! Almost forgot!
My hair:

Yes, that is my fuzzy blue robe (and a necklace I'll tell you about later). I came home and got ready for bed before I remembered to take a picture.

I am loving my hair. I needed to cut the past year or so out so I can have new hair ju-ju. Sam says it makes me look younger. I'll take it!

Good day.


  1. Sigh. I adore you.

    And I am *SO* enjoying Sam-as-Cheerleader. Immensely.

  2. Love the story, and really love the hair :)