Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter in Towerland 2013

Easter was really low key this year.

I had hoped to take the herd to some egg hunts, but they decided not to clean up after themselves that week and get their work done so I was so sad, but we stayed home instead.

We didn't do big baskets and toys and all that either. We got them a little candy in some baskets and my mom got them treats too (along with some cute clothes for the day) and that was that.

However, we did do an art project the day before.
We painted our eggs!
I don't let the boys wear shirts to pain anymore. Makes for less laundry.

Ozzy murdered his egg, but these three survived.

It was really fun!
Look who really wanted in on the action!

Sunday we all got pretty for church.
Some of us were less excited than others.

I got pics of a few of the kids who held still. Thanks Buddy!

The boys picked my crocus for me. Sigh. They are awful pretty.

Sam thought they were pretty too.
He helped stick one in my hair for church.

Cheesiest smile ever.

I did get some pictures of the herd. I think the first one is the best one, sigh.
Xander apparently attended the "Will Ferrell School of Picture Posing" because he nailed it!

Then Buddy joined in.
Xander my be pooping his pants here, I really don't know.

Look! I exist! A rare picture of me that I didn't have to take and all the kids are with me!
I'm starting to fit into my old clothes, yay! They don't look great on me, but they fit so that is a win.

Sambo with the kids.

Now, in your head imagine Sam and me in the same picture with all the kids. One day we will get such a shot without working too hard!

Sam even smiled a little bit.
Now, church went good until Ozzy remember we forgot to give him his nap before church.
Sam needed to help with his church job so I was on my own with a sleeping baby and a very tired, very irate toddler.
I totally handled it.

I spent an hour walking the halls of the church until Oz fell asleep.
Then he was a happy kid again!
Babywearing for the win!
Overall, a great Easter!

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