Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Henry 8 Weeks Old

Oh my goodness.
I love this baby.
He is just the sweetest baby on the planet.

Look at that smile.
He smiles and laughs at me all the time and I just adore it.

We haven't weighed this baby lately, but he is a chunky monkey.

He has been sleeping a lot and that makes me nervous so I'm checking on him every 5 minutes, but it makes it easier to get stuff done (when I'm not checking on him).

He loves his binky, yay!

He only wakes up once at night most of the time. That is great, but now that I've been foolish and announced that he is going to wake up hourly for the next two weeks.

He has great head control and sits in his Bumbo for short stretches right now.

His hair is lightening up a ton already. It has a reddish tint to it right now, but all of the kids did that so I'm not expecting a ginger kid. Jade has the corner on the redhead market in our family.

We have no idea how we survived without Henry around. He is just the best little caboose on the planet.

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