Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homemade Gogurt!

I seriously love the stuff we do around here!

We've been making yogurt in our crockpot for some time now. (Google "chickens in the road crockpot yogurt" if you want the recipe we use. Really easy.) We like it, but there is something about more portable yogurt that appeals to me in particular.

I happen to have really awesome friends and one of my BB buddies started a co-op for fun reusable products. This cool reusable pouch thingy was the first one on her list.

I was giddy when I saw the info on it. Portable and easy to clean! Yes please!

I was planning to order a pile and then my sweet friend Tanya offered to get me some as a baby present. (I know, I have really good friends who are totally into the common sense gifting thing which is why we are friends of course.)

I ended up with a ton of these pouches and we use them all!

Our first try with the pouches, we made some blueberry yogurt.
Homemade yogurt with blueberry jam Sam canned himself.
Pouring it into the pouches.
The yogurt was a little runnier than I usually make, more of a kefir consistency. No big deal!

The beautiful pouches. You can label them then erase it and I watched a video on how to wash them and it is way easy!

All filled up and ready for the fridge!

These things rock! You can take them on trips easily and you can fill them with all sorts of stuff. Yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, hummus and other dips for squeeze onto crackers!

Money saver and less waste, totally what we love!

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