Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Does Sam's Garden Grow? (April 2013)

Another spring, another chance for Sam to work on his garden.

Because the zipline is starting up again (woo!) and Sam is going to be very busy between that and the pd, we decided that I would take on more of a role with the gardening this year.

Okay, I decided since I always end up having to do most of the day to day garden care in the summer when Sam is too busy at work to do it and I always fall flat because I have no idea what is going on, I would dive in and figure out what in the world Sam does every year.

We'll either have a beautiful garden because we worked as a team or we'll have a beautiful garden because one of us killed the other and tossed the corpse in the compost bin.

It could go either way.

Anywhooooo... here is where we are at so far!
This is the side of the house where we planted raspberries two years ago. It has a ton of grass and weeks and some sneaky strawberries in it, but we're leaving it alone for now. The raspberries will choke out the weeks and if they don't, I'll get in there later and yank them out.

This is the year the raspberries and strawberries (the ones in the other side of the house patch) will take off, I know it! Our other raspberry patch is incredible so I am looking forward to seeing this one take off too.
Here we have some of Sam's babies. I think the one on the left and the middle are both garlic. He got his hands on a few different varieties of garlic and he is really excited about all of them. I'm not sure which ones these are and one of these may actually be an onion. I need him to label these things.

The branches in the blue pot on the right are grapes a friend gave us. They are budding out and looking great! I am really excited about them!

My lovely (snort) flower beds. You can see the Virginia Creeper vines haven't greened up yet. They will come on suddenly and be so gorgeous.

The iris and the tulips are coming in. My tulips took off this year and I am just thrilled about it!

There are hens and chicks in there too and they are doing great. I need to figure out a way to get the grass out of there, but I don't want to kill my flowers and I also don't want to work too hard so we'll see how that goes.
Close up of Sam's grapes. So proud!

Hello baby flowers! I love seeing those teeny things pop up every year!

Here is our back yard plot.
It is looking rough right now but we have plans for it.

We're mapping out where things will go, we'll be working with some levels here and there and I have a plan to yard sale until I find pretty lawn furniture so our garden becomes Simpler Garden and looks just the way it looks in my head.

I should explain that. Sam is an herbalist. Remember how he certified for it and all that? (By the way, he is still working on his college stuff so while we have that certification done, he has bigger plans for his education still going strong!) Well, he has been slowly building his business as an herbalist. His company is called Simpler (that was the name of herbalists way back when and we like the idea of a simpler life, hence the name). We have dreams of Sam sitting in his Simpler Garden with clients, sipping tea that he wild crafted and talking about plants and all that good stuff.

We need to make the garden prettier to do it, plus, I dream of sitting out back and watching the kids run around while picking berries and playing in our beautiful garden. It is a lovely thought.

Anyhow, the space looks rough this year, but we'll make it better. Oh! I almost forgot the other part of that goal. We need to yard sale because part of Simpler is that we reuse items and we don't go broke to be happy. So, we'll be doing all of this on a budget. Good thing I love deal hunting!

These babies are part of that plan.

Someone gave these to us a few years ago and we used a few to protect some baby trees Sam planted. But, they are ugly blue and don't beautify the garden. So, I came up with an idea.

I spray painted them!
Next we will fill them with dirt and use them for container gardening of some herbs and flowers we want to try to keep from taking over the garden.
Here are some more of them.

If you look at the house you see some brown and green things hanging on the porch there. Those are topsy turvy planter things. I bought them on clearance a few years ago and we decided to paint them too and use them this year!

We also found a wind chime on a good sale so we had to get that. I have a thing for wind chimes. It reminds me of where I grew up and how most days all I could hear was the wind chimes and cows mooing. I really wish lived somewhere like that. Ah well.

 Just another shot of the front of the house.

I can't wait to plant... something in those topsy turvy things.

Oh, and look at the screen door!
 Looks like my favorite two year old woke up from his nap!

 Here is one of my side flower beds.

It looks awful. I'm waiting to see what tulips and whatnot come up before I tear it apart. I really need to find plants that will come back each year and will be easy to maintain for my flower beds. I want colorful flower beds!

 One more shot of the front of the house. Sam really hacked the creeper back, but in a few months it will take over the front of the house again.

 This is my other flower bed. Sigh. Seriously, I need to fix them up.
Maybe I'll add some of the tubey thingys that I spray painted to the beds! Hmmmmm.

 Here is the house from a distance. Not as pretty as it is in the summer, but still, I love this house.

This is a shot of some of my tulips that are just now coming up. It snowed the other day and when I saw this I just thought it was so beautiful!
So, there is our garden so far.
I can't wait until we have it all cleaned up and ready to plant!

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