Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Isabelle's 2nd Clogging Competition and 1st Time Competing as a Soloist

So, my craptop isn't back yet, but I couldn't wait anymore so I grabbed our other computer and loaded all 200 pictures on it so I could catch up here!

Fear not, you won't see all those pics, I just take billions of pictures so I get one or two that look half decent. A photographer, I am not.

Anyhow, Isabelle had her big clogging competition in March. She has been working all year on her team and solo routines for it. Last year we took the entire herd and it was fun (Remember? Click here).

This year because Sam had to work we changed it up a bit. My mom subbed for my piano (thank you) and the three bigger boys stayed with her until Sam got home from work and I took Sis and Henry to Poky. I know I could have taken all 5 kids with me, but I don't entirely hate myself and everyone around me, so I didn't.

We got up there right in time for her team to get ready.

A few shots of the two of us.
Belle said it was like a "Mother Daughter Date, only with Henry tagging along". Yep.
Of course, he was not impressed with all the noise. YAWN!
So, this isn't Belle's team or even anyone who I know. I just saw these costumes and heard the music (and really fast version of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme) and realized I needed to take a picture so Sam knows what I want to be buried in when I die. Yes, this outfit right here. With a sword. Casket from Costco. So glad my final wishes are now documented on the interwebs. That will work out perfectly.

Had to get the bffs together.
Doing their first dance.
I took this pic because Belle got all excited that cloggers were babywearing. Babywearing is like the Borg. We will assimilate you.
The costumes for the second dance.

Here is a pic of Belle doing her solo. She is front row, second to the very end on the right. Her bff Sky is right next to her in the yellow and black.

They way they do solos is you all get in lines and one line does the steps at a time and they judge you. If you score above a certain level you get a 1st place. 1st place gets to compete in nationals. The teams score the same way.

Essentially, you are in a competition with yourself and that is pretty neat.

Once the solos were done I scooped up Belle, Sky (her sis had to stay longer so the girls got a treat and got to ride home together) and Indy (who was an angel the entire time) and we went home. We didn't hear how Belle did for a day or so.

I was worried because I knew her team didn't qualify to move on and we didn't know how she did on solos.
I know she worked on them, but Sam and I decided to let her be in charge of her own practice and if she did well it would be because of the hard work she put in on her own and if she didn't do well it would hopefully teach her to discipline herself  in order to succeed.

Well... the girl got 2 first places in her solos! She had 5 solos total, and got 3 second places on the others. But, because she got the 2 first places she can compete in all of the solos at Lagoon in a month or so! Yay!
(Of course her bff did the same so they both get to go, hooray!)
First place pins, second place pins, medal and ribbons.
A very proud girl.
We are so excited for her but the thing that makes me happiest is that she worked for this on her own and truly earned it because of that hard work.
It is nice when stories end happily this way.

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