Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Schoolroom Organization (Packing Lighter!)

I saw this awesome saying:

This has become my theme for the time being.

Time to pack light.

I'm taking this literally as well as emotionally. (Now, on the emotional stuff, I was recently giving an incredible opportunity thanks to Bountiful Baskets, but I'll blog that in a bit. It deserves its own post.)

Literally, it is time to clean things out. I'm attacking the kids' clothing and the schoolroom first.
Those are all buckets of clothes going to the clothing swap this weekend and toys that will be given away. The blankets stay, I just needed a place to put them.
More buckets, empty shelves and empty toy boxes. I cleared out half this room in a day!

Of course, I had to make room for the kids' new curriculum!
We have officially started 2nd and 5th grade and it is going really great so far!

I organized our games and puzzles and flash cards into these containers. All of it had to fit on one shelf and the rest went away for now.

Yes, I may make those dishwasher buckets pretty one day, but right now organization is the key.

I had a helper of course!

This motley crew also helped me clean. They also "tattooed" themselves with stickers. Yeah.

Anyhow, time to pack light in every way possible!

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