Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running Buddies 4 Evah

I already know Sam is cringing at the title of this post.
He deserves it because of this picture:
I know.
I ask him to smile and this is what I get.

So, we are still running. Today was the first day of week 4 of the couch to 5k program. That is actually a picture of us after our run.

I'm going to be honest. It was a hard run. I think the only reason I didn't quit was because I knew I would have to walk home anyhow so I figured I may as well run, plus Sam was right there telling me to pick up the speed whenever I slowed down.

I'm proud to say I ran 16 minutes total and we walked/ran 1.89 miles. The runs go in spurts so it was 5 minutes of run, then a short walk, then 3 minutes of a run then a short walk, etc.

Running isn't easy for me, but I am really determined to pull off my 5k and be stronger physically so I'm going to just keep going.

Sam told me my shoes I have been using weren't any good so I got a new pair, but they are also not appropriate (says him). So, I found these tennis shoes I forgot I had that I got at the first clothing swap (woo!) and I wore them. They were okay but I will have to buy real running shoes eventually.

Me a few days ago before our run.

This is my Captain Morgan pose.

See my darling shoes? They don't work for running. They are track and field shoes apparently. Meh.

I'm not too pleased with my belly fat rolls there, but I keep reminding myself I had a baby 8 weeks ago and it will go away.
Sam and his Captain Morgan pose.

Like his hoodie? We love the zipline. Go ride the Heise Zip!

Behold his shoes. They ARE appropriate. Whatever.

Anyhow, we're still running. We're being careful so we don't hurt ourselves. However, I really want to be in shape sooner rather than later. It isn't a vanity thing as much as I just feel really strongly that we are investing in our health right now (physically and emotionally) and if we take the time to develop these good habits we won't be paying doctor bills later on.

Plus, again, pack lighter. I need the 20 lbs Henry saddled me with gone. I need to be packing a lighter version of myself!

If you see us running the streets of Rigby, do me a favor and wave. Or, you can do what our buddy Caleb did in his squad car and follow us down the road playing "Eye of the Tiger" on his intercom while we ran. That was awesome. We would enjoy more of that too.

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