Thursday, April 11, 2013

Running Buddies

I'm back to training for my first 5k!


I tried to wait as long as I could, but right when Henry turned a month old I conned Sam into starting the c25k program with me again. (If you don't know what that is, google it. Great way to start running without really hurting yourself if you follow the directions, that is.)

It has been really cold so that makes it hard, but I wear twice as many layers as Sam does and of course that includes gloves and my pretty pink headband my buddy Marilynn made me for my birthday so my ears don't fall off and that is keeping me just warm enough.

I'm going SLOW. So slow. I feel bad for Sam because on the run cycles he is really just walking fast so he doesn't get to far ahead of me. But, he's being really patient about it and I'm grateful for that.
This is us before our first run! Happy to run again!

I am changing a few things up this go round.

We got an app on my phone that tells us when to walk and when to run and that makes it more enjoyable because I'm not watching the stopwatch the entire time.

I realized barefoot running won't work just yet since I'm really out of shape and I have quite a few extra pounds on me right now that I hope will come off as we do this. With that in mind I have been running in my skechers. However, Sam informed me the other day that those shoes really aren't for running. Plus, they are developing holes in the inside. Everyone tells me to go to this fancy running store in town and get the perfect shoes for my feet and really, that sounds nice. However, I like to pay my power bill more I like to have fancy shoes right now. So, I found a deal on some shoes online that will work and I can save for the fancy ones later. I'm happy with that.

I had promised myself a fun running skirt when I run my first 5k and Costco (I love that store) had some for under $10 so I got my skirt early and it is waiting for me to be ready to wear it. I am very excited!

I'm also wearing contacts more because it is easier to run in contacts. Plus, I broke my favorite glasses again and while Sam repaired them again, they are starting to look pretty ragged. Ah well!

I made a support group on facebook with some friends who are all working on running more (or are really fit and just came along to cheer the rest of us on) and that is really helping. I like being accountable to someone, makes me work harder and be honest about how I do.

So far it is going good. We had an almost setback the other day. It was so cold we couldn't run. Really. Just too cold for me. But, we didn't give up. We walked the block (it was so cold my lungs ached, whine whine whine) and then Sam used the treadmill while I ran and walked back and forth in the basement. It wasn't perfect, but we did it and that is all I care about.

Because we are dorks and we have a lot of kids and we are cheap, we call our running time "date night". It works. This means I get to go on three dates a week now, jealous?

Now all of you can make sure I hold myself accountable and get to my first 5k this summer too! It is going to be awesome!

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