Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sam Tower: Dentist?

I guess we have a potential second career for Sambo.

Dentistry is calling his name.

At least the part when he yanks out teeth.

Isabelle went on a tooth pulling spree a few weeks ago. We had taken her to an orthodontist at our dentist's urging and yeah, the girl will need braces pretty soon here. (She is not super excited as she feels the combination of glasses and braces will equal social death. I'm thinking it is way better to get braces at this age and everyone wears glasses nowadays anyhow so no big deal.) The orthodontist wanted about 4 teeth out before she sees him again so Belle has been on a mission to get them all out.

She had some trouble with one and got it out just enough that it was really painful but it was stuck at some wonky angle and she could not get it out all the way.

Enter Sambo. And his yanking tool thingy.

Sam pulls a lot of teeth around here which I think is crazy, but he likes it. I just go in another room while the screaming goes down.

Ozzy stayed with Belle for moral support and after a few minutes and minimal shrieking the three of them showed me their trophy.

A gross, bloody tooth trophy.
Belle was very pleased with herself that she managed to get all those teeth out so she can move forward with the whole braces thing.
And now Ozzy is wiggling his teeth hoping for a loose one too.

I'm happy Sam has a great option for his career after police work.

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